Vinluan: Understanding why we should exercise

PHYSICAL fitness is not a commodity that can be stored. It must be renewed and a continuous exercise regimen will help you maintain your body at an efficient level. Revealing aspects of physical fitness can merely be a hint, but they can help you make an important decision to maintain your body at an efficient level and keep you feeling good, alert, and energetic.

Having a waist greater in size around than the chest in expansion for example may mean that a person is likely to be overweight and that the presence of excess fat in other parts of the body is not impossible. Body conformation like this is visible and can be tested and one of the test methods you can use in ascertaining the presence of fat in the body which can help in determining your ideal or well-conditioned weight.

One important role of exercise is the development and improvement of the neuromuscular control or body balance, that involves the working together of the nerves and muscles for a person to do actions like in dancing, in most ball games, and the routine skills of everyday life. Poor performance in balance activities can be improved through regular practice and exercise.

Another important aspect in exercise is “agility” which refers to the individual motor fitness which enables the body to react quickly. It takes controlled and nimble movements to have good performance, like a gymnast who can spring quickly in his/her feet during competitions or training. Agility is important for a person so he can do more without the risk of injury, and can control his/her body quickly and effectively during emergencies. No one can even drive a car, nor play athletic games and sports without this physical quality.

Having agility will be compromise by muscular power for substantial amount of force with a sudden motion which is a key element in many or all competitive sports. Likewise, Endurance is as important because of continued exertion, it is here where the circulatory system does its work of speeding up their function of supplying oxygen to the body.

Related to agility is flexibility, that give the ability for every individual to move their joints that enables the body to easily handle a broad range of movements not limited by pain or “creakiness” in the joints. Exercises that involve bending, twisting or pointing toes, and other such manipulations are aimed at improving flexibility.

De-emphasized in the present emphasis of physical fitness is strength, which once advocated the development of rippling, bulging muscles. It is important however, that certain muscles of the arms, legs, and especially the trunk to be strong enough to exert considerable force. Strength figures importantly in our everyday tasks, thus specific exercises for all major body muscle groups such as the chest and back, arms and legs, buttocks, abdominals and thighs, that should be included to complete a fitness program.


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