Vinluan: Sports in K to 12

THE grounding and implementation of the K to 12 program of the Department of Education in the Philippines is a big leap in the advancement of the educational system that aims for a systematic preparation of students for the future and for the educational system to be at par with other countries.

Geared to provide a holistically developed Filipino with 21st century skills, the program aims to provide quality education for all and where education is equitably accessible to all in order that the foundation of individual learning and self actualization to develop individuals to be effective citizens in the local, national and global levels is achieved.

Sport is one of the areas of specialization in the K to 12 program to promote and enhance individual development, through its instructional process to be carried out from the first to the 10th grade and the specialization process carried out in the 11th and 12th grades.

Although there are queries about the program, its implementation will provide ample time for the students’ mastery of concepts and skills. PE and sports in particular will give us a clear overview of what has been the “grassroots program” of the government for sports. In addition, the specialization process will help students in choosing the sport of their interests through their immersion, in clinics, seminars, and on-hands training and practice with other sports institutions other than the school.

The adoption of the program by the National Sports Association favors the enhancement of the partnership between the academe and the local sports associations in molding and training students in their field of sports specialization through innovative sports training programs and provide assessment of the students’ performance.

Sports in the K to 12 program in its implementation process will be beneficial to all stakeholders as it will provide an instrument and a new avenue where learning sports will be adequately put to use for the development of the stakeholders skills and talents to be more competitive as quality performers in the field of sports.


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