W. Aquino 2 beats P. Bangoy

IN A very competitive game, Barangay Wilfredo Aquino 2 edged out a 51-50 win over Barangay Paciano Bangoy on Friday at the Barangay San Antonio covered court, improving their standing in the Tok-Hang Basketball Tournament.

The game was off to a slow start, with Barangay Paciano Bangoy initially held to one point for several minutes in the opening frame. They eventually found their stride and managed to close the gap to two points by the end of the first quarter, ending with eight points against Barangay Wilfredo Aquino 2's 10.

Barangay Paciano Bangoy pushed the game in the second quarter, eventually being able to level the scores midway through. Barangay Wilfredo Aquino 2 was able to convert a late three point play, however, and kept their lead of two points, ending the first half with the scores at 22-20.

Luck seemed to turn for Barangay Paciano Bangoy in the second half though, as they finally got ahead and closed the third quarter at 34-30.

The elation would be short-lived, however, as Paciano Bangoy's performace in the final frame was laden with errors. An out-of-bounds pass to an unguarded player of Barangay Wilfredo Aquino 2 set the stage for the comeback, as the points scored in that play brought the scores to 47-46 in the final minute, threatening Barangay Paciano Bangoy's one point lead.

Barangay Wilfredo Aquino 2 took advantage of the nervousness of the opposing team as fouls committed by Barangay Paciano Bangoy stretched the final minute into a series of free throws. Barangay Wilfredo Aquino coolly converted their chances from the free throw line, snatching the lead from their opponents and sending a distraught Barangay Paciano Bangoy team home.

In the earlier game, home team Barangay San Antonio dominated Barangay 15-B all throughout their game, beating them 97-57. Barangay 15-B were given chance after chance to catch up after getting sent to the free throw line repeatedly but were unable to secure points off those shots.

Jayson Bermoy of 15-B was the game's top scorer with 21 points scored.

The Tok-Hang Basketball Tournament resumes on Monday, May 27, with two games in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Barangay Wilfredo Aquino 1 will face off against Barangay Leon Garcia and Barangay Agdao Proper will play Barangay Lapu-Lapu. The games will be played at Sarphil Subdivision Covered Court in Barangay Wilfredo Aquino from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

In the afternoon, Barangay 23-C's Muslim team will visit Barangay 21-C at the latter's homecourt. The second to be played there will be between Barangay 22-C and Barangay 20-B. 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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