Who should pay on a date? Netizens answer

ROMANTIC relationships start with two people getting to know each other, and what better way to know someone than through a date.

Dating can be exciting because you need to do all the preparations, in terms of what will you wear and how you will introduce yourself that you won’t turn the other person off.

For women, dating preparations can take a lot of their time fitting different clothes and pampering themselves an hour or a day before the meet-up.

For men, a date means impressing women and that includes paying the bills, but what if women offer to pay the expenses?

Netizens polled by SunStar Philippines on social media were divided on who should pay on a date.

Here are their answers:

“Si boyfriend. True men does that,” Mhyli Jade Cereneo said.

Yap Robert said, "Ang angay mo gastu ang nai trabaho nilang duha (The one who should pay is the one who has a job)."

"Independent na ang babay, dili na Maria Clara. Sila nay bahala ana (Women are not Maria Claras anymore. They are now independent)," Aljun Cainghog said.

The #SLOPangutana poll is a new segment of SunStar Philippines’ webcast, SunStar Lite On, that aims to engage with more people and get their thoughts or sentiments on anything newsworthy.

The poll, posted on August 18 on SunStar Philippines’s Facebook page, gathered 1,150 views and 65 reactions, including 29 comments. The video reached over 4,000 people as of Wednesday, August 28.

#SLOPangutana is aired every Friday on SunStar Lite On’s 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. updates.

#SLOPangutana: Kinsay mogasto sa date (Part 1)

#SLOPangutana: Kinsay mogasto sa date (Part 2)

If you would be asked, who should treat who on a date? Join our discussion. (JAR/SunStar Philippines)


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