Why millennials love Korean drama

KOREAN drama or K-Drama has been gaining support from Filipino fans, especially millennials.

Some of the popular K-Dramas aired in different television stations in the country are Lovers in Paris, Stairway to Heaven, Boys over Flowers, City Hunter, Princess Hours, The Heirs, and Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, among others.

But what do these K-Dramas have that Filipinos love?

Millennials said in an interview with SunStar Philippines that they love Korean dramas because of the plot, especially the twists, which is different from Filipino dramas.

“I love K-Dramas because they offer a refreshing kind of storytelling that I don't find in common sex-bombarded western plotlines and shows. Oppas (means older brothers) seem like the human versions of the anime ‘senpais’ I used to watch, so that's definitely a plus. The girls are so attractive too, so if you're bisexual like me, it's really a win-win situation. Story-wise, I love the creativity of the stories. Clichés can't be avoided, but I like how they're willing to try fantasy or other seemingly outrageous plots but effectively nail them. The cinematography is very impressive. (Almost) everything about K-Dramas are just so captivating and one can't help but be addicted to (almost all of) them,” said Erica Dancel, who has been watching K-Dramas since 2012.

Trisha Oliveros, who claims to be a fan for 10 years, said: “First, I really like how the plot or the story is written. I'm sick of watching Filipino dramas who only have this ‘kabit’ or ‘mahirap naging mayaman’ theme compared to K-Drama where you can choose anything that suits your taste. Second, the cinematography is so good. The actors play their roles really well. Third, I like their plot twists and their dramas are not that long. Fourth, I learned many things aside from how to make pa-cute to Oppa. Plus, who would have thought sci-cal, fantasy and horror dramas are not that boring since they add romantic-comedy spice in it.”

“Watching K-Drama can make you feel the feelings they want to convey. Handsome Oppas are a big plus but the storyline itself is not that cliché as to what we used to here. They focus mostly on the culture of their country and associate it to their story and enhance it with their imagination. They also entice you with their wits and crazy antics and that makes me want to watch more. K-Drama did not focus only on the bf-gf thing but focuses on all the aspects of life where everyone who watches their drama will be drawn more and more and be hooked with it," said Jheska Mhae Buton, who is an avid fan of K-Dramas for almost nine years.

Here are some of the reactions we got from SunStar Philippines Facebook poll.

Kim Avenido Amor said K-Dramas have nice and interesting plots, good pacing, great and catchy soundtracks/musical scoring, and good casting.

She added that actors are not just pretty faces but they got real talent and the production is awesome regardless of genre.

"Fresh concepts and plots. It is also noticeable how they encourage patriotism in their dramas," said Crisch Abayon.

"It's never afraid to experiment on stories. Production-wise, it's well-crafted. Grabe ang effort sa mga actors and the prod team for a series lang alone. Makita nimo the way nagdagan ang series itself," said Franz Correa.

"Because every story is unique,lovable,amazing,romantic and funny #SSKDrama," said Rap Monstter.

Miko enumerated the reasons why he loves K-Dramas.

"1. Plot/Story - never antiquated and always gives you excitement on what's going to happen next. 2. Cast - the artists they chose fit to the character as what we visualize in our head. Also, whoever the love teams they put in, it’s always full of chemistry and charisma. 3. Theme songs/OST - Somehow once you heard the song, you're going to love the show also. It’s like tracking its origin then discover the show #SSKDRAMA," he said.

"Stories are very well written; plots are interesting and unique; actors portray their characters with individualism and it's not only the main actors that carry the drama but the whole cast; great chemistry between the leads even though they don't have the so-called "loveteams"; great drama locations that left viewers in awe; catchy OSTs (Official Sound Tracks); not all of them have the typical fairy tale happy ending, endings are realistic, and of course, leads are 'oppalicious'..hahaha #SSKDrama," said Lorilane E. Escuadro.

(USC AB Communications Intern Precious Grace Gandia/SunStar Philippines)


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