Yap: Healer

Alexis Yap

Lex in the city

THIS year, I was asked to be one of the hosts for Sky Cable’s live Sinulog coverage, Sinulog Ta Bai Live Sa Sky. It was going to be my first ever live TV hosting so naturally, I was so excited but very nervous at the same time since there would be no take twos and only take ones!

When Sinulog day came, I was early for my call time, all psyched to do my first-ever live hosting. I did not know what to expect and as soon as the camera rolled, something took over me and I was just on a roll. The feeling was great and immediately I felt like I belonged there.

I was co-hosting with Ma’am Glynda whom I have been watching for many years on TV doing the live coverage for the Sinulog festival. I could not believe I was sitting beside her and hosting with her this year. We did interviews with several people

including Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama.

But one very pleasant surprise to me was our guests, Nanay Eda, Ms. Nympha Alo, BJ Suzara, and Sto. Nino White. As soon as I saw them come into the studio, I knew I was looking at familiar faces. I remember them visiting our house before where Sto. Nino

White healed many people who came to meet Him.

What’s special about the Sto. Nino White is that he moves. Yes, he moves! No batteries, no remote controls, no nothing! When answering questions, he rocks forward and back for a yes, he sways left to right for a no, and he rotates for a maybe. And I have seen this with my very own eyes! He speaks through his medium and, in fact His visit to Cebu this year was His very own decision.

Nanay Eda is the owner of Sto. Nino White and it has been with their family for over 25 years. BJ Suzara was with us in the interview and he shared with us his amazing story on how his mother was healed by Sto. Nino White of her pneumonia after 29 days in the ICU. Mrs. Suzara is one of the active members of the Sinulog Foundation.

I had the chance of meeting the Sto. Nino white once again. And this time, I had the opportunity to hold Him in my arms. I could not begin to describe what I felt. When I looked into His eyes and saw his handsome face, something came over me- a feeling of peace consumed me.

That was the highlight of my Sinulog weekend.

Here are today’s greetings:

Happy Birthday to: Vo Rusiana, John So (Today), Rhea Tacder (Jan. 22), Clyde Cadungog (Jan. 23), Gillen Ortiz, Jan Leung (Jan. 24), Carol Sarte, Nikki Taylor, Mickie Go, Fiona Chan, Leandro Panganiban, Mark Cagampang, Josh Alfafara (Jan. 25), Junjet Primor, Rey Vergara (Jan. 26), Chai Martinez, Charlene Fuentes (Jan. 27), Brag Seno Mariscal, Aldwin Rondina (Jan. 28), Daphne Wyss, Ching Modina, Emi Ayag (Jan. 29), Charlie Manatad (Jan. 30), Kimberly Kokseng, Loures Pe (Jan. 31), Jaque Yap, Thirdy Mercado (Feb. 3), Japhete Pacto (Feb. 4)

Don’t forget:

Tonight! Disseminate and participate. It’s Lust for House only at The Penthouse. See you there!

Tonight at Alejandro’s it’s Acoustic Sing-Along. Call in your table reservations and Crispy Pata take-outs in advance. Call (032) 253 7921.


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