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Alexis Yap

Lex in the city

BORACAY! I always love the sound of those letters put together. To me it paints a picture of tear-jerking sunsets, fresh breeze... and awesome nights of partying!

Last weekend, I spent 3 nights in the island paradise of Boracay. When in the island, here is my personal check-list of things to do:

Walk the entire 3 mile stretch at the beach front. Walking the entire stretch gives me peace of mind and a piece (or two) of eye candy. I take off my flip flops and walk from station 3, all the way to station 1. It gives me a good exercise.

Have a nice seafood lunch at D’Talipapa. This is the new Talipapa wet market where restaurants that cook your fresh buys are lined up right in front of the market. My favorite is the baked mussels and the shrimp cooked in garlic and butter. Yum! Prepare to spend between P500-P800/head.

Get a nice afternoon massage by the beach. This one I did not get to do on this trip due to time constraints and pleasant surprises. No further details. However, a massage by the beach will cost between P250-P350 only.

Enjoy my ultimate favourite Lemon Milk Shake at Jonah’s in Station 1. I think everyone will agree with me that no Boracay trip is complete without having the best shakes on the island. The Lemon Milk Shake is my favorite. What’s yours?

Sit and enjoy the sunset by the beach. In my prior visits to the island, I usually enjoy watching the sun go down while holding a happy hour cocktail in my hand. This time around, I was holding my Lemon Milk Shake. It really depends on who you go with, I guess.

Take time to check out nice little buys from the souvenir vendors. I love taking my time looking through stuff for sale ‘coz I know I’ll always find something interesting to buy. Last time I was there, I got myself a nice leather wrist band which I use up to this day. On this trip, I found a really nice leather card holder that doubles as a wallet. P300, pure leather! I love it!

Get dinner at any buffet-by-the-beach of your choice. Buffet dinner by the beach is a big craze at Boracay now. Prices range from P250-P350 per head including drinks. Walk around and check out the offerings of several restaurants and of course, pick whatever appeals to you.

Have a drink, dance, and let loose at Guilly’s in Station 1. Boracay is one island that is alive, even at night. Its beach front is lined with restaurants, hotels, and bars. Summer Place in Station 2 is where we usually start the night. Then we head out to Guilly’s in Station 1 for some more drinks and dancing. If you are too lazy to walk from one station to another, you can always hop on the back of a motorcycle to take you there for only P20, and you’re there in two minutes. Not bad, eh?

Overall, my most recent Boracay trip was all that I expected it to be and more.

However, I think next time I go to the island, I will stay longer to be able to get more relaxation. More sleep, more massages, and more sunbathing should be on my agenda... that is if I could resist the beckoning of the drumbeats at the nearby clubs. One could only hope.

Here are today’s greetings:

Happy Birthday to:

Prem Ananda, Wootie Ventura-Villacin (Oct. 23), Noreen Andaya (Oct. 24), Marjory Young, Natasha Cang, Victor Dosdos, Bryan Baclayon (Oct. 25), John Olvin Ong, Ipar Miranda (Oct. 26), Rizanne Ostrea-Tiongko, Wilbur Ballesta (Oct. 27), Pazu Eteve, Mayor Michael Rama (Oct. 28), Wena Retuerto, Bibi Delos Reyes (Oct. 29), Joy Climaco (Oct. 30) Christian Dy (Oct. 31), Ian Borromeo, Dexter Gaudicos Yap, Thomas Pua, Carlo Dave Yap (Nov. 1), Tina Cantos, Christian Cockaliong (Nov. 4).

By the way, check out the pictures from the celebration of Pink October at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel last October 19. For only P888, guests enjoyed cocktails by Marriott’s resident bartender Jorge Estrada and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres by Marriott executive chef Brendan Mahoney. Part of the proceeds of the event went to the I Can Serve Foundation.

Don’t forget:

Tonight! It’s Lust for House at the Penthouse, Your Party Cathedral!

Tonight, it’s Acoustic Sing Along at Alejandro’s Filipino Resto! Call 253 7921 for table reservations.

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