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A one-of-a-kind sibling

MY PARENTS, Javier Sr., and Amalia, now both deceased, would have been proud of what their fourth child has become.

Considered a very important figure in Pampanga broadcast media, my brother Perry remains a stalwart anchor in the Laus-wned RW-FM 95.1 where he heads a morning talk show Talakayan sa RW 95.1 along with Alberto Boy Santiago and Albert B. Lacanlale. The show commands a sizeable listenership.

My mom and other relatives foretold of my brother’s ascent into broadcast when he was born because of his loud and sustained cries. Surely, they said, he was born to be an announcer and a voice-over talent.

Perry went through the hassles of broadcast media and has accepted lofty positions in Pampanga and Central Luzon aggrupations. As former president of Pampanga Press Club he has navigated through tumultuous affairs of the prestigious club and emerged unscathed. He has been chairman of the Pampanga chapter of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas.

A widower for three years now, he intimated that he is content with his present status.

He aint heavy, he’s my brother. . .is Perry’s favorite quote. Always generous to his siblings, Perry maintains a cool composure affecting them financially. He presides over meetings whenever the family members meet at lunch at Alex’s and Junior#s residences.

He has sustained the education struggle of several disadvantaged students, one of whom was my son Jerome who successfuly hurdled college at Tarlac State University. Perry is happy and proud that Jerome now occupies a middle manager position at Manulife.

I give till it hurts, Coya, Perry often says. And he continues to do so.

£ £ £

Now a member of the septuagenarian circle, Perry has three established children in Canada and Singapore and the youngest is with him. He has several friends of note and still continues to be heard over RW-FM 95.1.

I am fulfilled and satisfied claimed Perry, but I will continue with my helpful ways till I can, concluded the Pampanga broadcast legend.

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