A serious and sustained clean up drive

A serious and sustained clean up drive

FOR clean up drives to succeed, whether national or local in scope, everyone’s participation must be encouraged, particularly in the market and places which throw out regularly waste and garbage.

The Mznila Bay clean up drive is foremost among the country’s push towards cleanliness and there were already several participants including LGUs.

Also, the environment-conscious Ramon S. Ang of San Miguel Corporation has initiated in other undertakings like Tullahan river and Pasig river rehab. He has already spent millions for these “massive” undertakings.

Recently, there has been a report that LGUs may be eligible for awards for keeping clean their respective areas.

The participation of the private sector should be encouraged to achieve better and bigger results for the drive.

If Singapore can make its area squeaky clean and orderly, why cant we emulate the habit of Singaporeans?They do have the discipline to keep their surroundings free from dirt and garbage

If they can do it, why cant we?

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We ought to teach our learners the habit of cleanliness, starting them early as the practice of cleanliness should start at home and branch out into the community and so on.

Children should be apprised of the importance of cleanliness -from our very bodies into the rest of our areas of living.

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All in all, these massive clean up activities are worldwide in scope and discussions like the COP28 and others take up this topic seriously and these nations are predisposed to set up funds to achieve good results from this clean up drive.

Meanwhile, here in our country since we cannot contribute a huge amount to the drive and we are still struggling financially, we should focus our efforts physically and manually even to make a dent in the worldwide clean up drive.

For who knows, with our efforts to make our surroundings clean, we may contribute towards lessening the impact of climate change.


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