A serious humanitarian crisis

A serious humanitarian crisis

NOW, two years of making destruction on the properties and lives in Gaza caused by the Israel-Hamas war, reports coming out of this place are too heart breaking.

A very serious humanitarian crisis prevails there due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict which exacerbates the crisis further to a painful level.

Reports frp, an international TV channel show the growing famine level;s among the Palestinian people particularly the children who suffer the most daily and are helpless in the face of massive lack of food, water and medicines.

Gaza, ertswhle a bustling metropolis, is now a sorry site to behold –buildings and other infrastructure destroyed, livelihood activities rased and health facilities razed to the ground.

There seems to be no end to the conflict as neither side wants to talk peace. Initially, a ceasefire was thought of being brokered by other nations led by the US and UK but Israel is steadfast in refusing to settle and asks that all remaining hostages be released before it comes to the negotiating table.

And the cost of the war is staggering in terms of livelihood and properties and dreams shattered and rendered useless and unserviceable. Ah, the price of war!

Sensible nations clamor for negotiations for peace before they extend aid to the suffering people. Ukraine is now on the brink of extinction as its main benefactor, the United States, is straining to come up with an aid package. The US, for its part, has an hostile Congress which frowns on exteding further aid to beleaguered Unkraine.

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Here in our country. We may still be lucky to…live in relative peace and although we feel the weight of high cost of living and inflation, we still enjoy a window of free choice, speech and mobility not known to the people of the Middle East.


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