ADM plays key role in rise of local pet economy


The global pet industry is poised to increase from $320 billion today to almost $500 billion by 2030, according to a recent report by Bloomberg Intelligence (BI). The report says the growth can be attributed to an expanding pet population worldwide, and the premiumization of food and services resulting from the continued humanization of companion animals.

The Philippines is an emerging market for the rising pet economy. With one of the most sizable rates of dog and cat ownership throughout Asia, the country provides a growing opportunity for pet food and other related products and services. Over the past five years, pets have become increasingly common as household companions - especially during the pandemic - leading to significant sales increases in pet food.

At the recent 28th Philippine Animal Hospital Association (PAHA) Conference at Marriott Hotel Manila, ADM’s pet nutrition business joined the convention where more than 1,000 veterinarians and animal experts learned about the latest developments in veterinary medicine and pet nutrition.

ADM IS COMMITTED IN HELPING THE EMERGING PET ECONOMY IN PH. During the recent Philippine Animal Hospital Association (PAHA) Conference, Clare Torralba, Director of Pet Nutrition APeC at ADM discussed to the veterinarians the company's latest product innovations that will engage those in the pet economy sector.

Clare Torralba, Director of Pet Nutrition APeC at ADM, spoke about the company’s commitment to the growing pet economy not only in the Philippines, but also throughout the Asia Pacific region. "ADM understands the emerging pet economy and we are here to support the industry, mainly through our product innovations and high-quality pet food,” she said.

Additionally, ADM will also engage in activities that will guide its growing customer base within the region. “We are committed to helping consumers learn how to care for their pets in achieving lifelong health and wellness as well as companionship. We will also continue supporting our farmers and utilizing their produce to manufacture our premium pet food. In terms of science and proper nutrition, ADM will continue to provide and incorporate the company’s latest findings and technology through our products,” Torralba said.

ADM is the manufacturing company behind Ganador Premium Dog Food, Minino Yum Cat Food and Equilbrio range of products. These are premium pet foods formulated to meet the needs of cats and dogs according to their life stage, size and specific conditions. ADM's Ganador Premium Dog Food and Minino Yum Cat Food have experienced a triple-digit market growth in the Philippines, over the last year.

"We will continue to expand the availability of our brands Ganador, Minino and Equilibrio so that our customers can readily provide the nutritional requirements of their furry friends,” Torralba shared.

“Backed by ADM’s global presence and expertise, we can provide pet solutions innovations in the Philippines. From the use of diverse ingredients, as well as science-based research and technology, our company is ready to share this to all our customers,” she added.

ADM creates competitive solutions by connecting consumer trends with forward-thinking science to unlock growth. With a focus on research, product development, food safety and targeted solutions, ADM’s commitment to pet nutrition continues to grow along with the rapidly evolving pet products market.


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