An evasive and elusive  peace

An evasive and elusive peace

FOR YEARS, the country of Israel is besieged by external forces sowing violence, disorder and even death to its residents by countries which hate it and want it erased from the face of the earth.

This landlocked, God-chosen country, is disturbed on several fronts: Lebanon and Syria and even Iran and Iraq.

Miraculously, Israel has survived several attempts to topple it.

Hamas, an extremist group, launched an attack on Israel on Ontober 7, 2023, causing deaths to about 1,200 festival revelers. The death toll has since increased, and counting, when Israel countered the attack at Gaza City.

Israel has no good feeling over Palestine and it has, for many years, been its adversary.

Now, global resentment is growing against Israel in favour of Palestine and is now hard put to suppress the pressure put on it.

Even the United States, an assumed mediator in any world conflict finds it hard to favour Israel, a long-time ally instead of Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority president claims his country does not support nor encourage Hamas, the terrorist group which is perceived to be encouraged by another violence-leaning country, Iran. This country has reportedly financed the attack on Israel and continues to fund the uprising by way of ammunitions and other military hardware, including drones which are the latest weaponry in the battle field.

Iran, like Lebanon, wants to destroy Israel. Several terrorist groups, like the Hezbollah, are now ganging up on Israel.

There definitely would be no peace in the Middle East region as long as Israel continues to defend itself and its people.

Peace, as it is understood worldwide is as evasive and elusive to Israel, a pcerceived God-chosen country and which history dates back a thousand years ago.

Even the United Nations seems helpless in solving the conflict in Israel and its neighbors. It is most concerned on the welfare and needs of Gaza residents and all those displaced by the war.

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