An Open Love Note

An Open Love Note

To a beloved husband and a great father,

This will be our twenty-third Valentine’s Day celebration. We should be in awe of how those years have passed by like a blink of an eye. Honestly, until now, I’m still musing on that best little thing that I can give you this year. But to be frank, no amount of material thing can best illustrate all my sentiments. I would like to recall those ordinary days when you’d bring me different surprises—flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, and how can I forget your many sweet and love-filled notes and letters every week? I hope that I can spend one whole day just reading all of them again. After all, it's been a while since I had the chance to write you a letter.

Ours indeed is an extraordinary, happy love story. Shall I also say quite an unexpected one? There are times when I marvel at the thought of me falling in love with you. Of all people? No, of course not! But maybe this is why I just really love John Cussack and Kate Beckinsale’s movie called Serendipity. Simply because it reminds me of destiny, of that thing called fate that brings two people together, in love. The challenge yet remains, to stay in love with that same person forever and ever.

It brings both a hearty smile and a tepid feeling in me when I try to go back and relive our younger days. We were carefree, impulsive, irrational, self-indulgent, passionate. We were crazy in love. Those times when we feel like prisoners unleashed from the cells, wandering off and not having to worry about a single thing. Those times when the hours felt like seconds that we had to part and that we would always yearn to be with each other again. Those times when the world only meant one person, and our thoughts were always about each other. Those times when you and I would roam the world, the realm that we created together. Our own little world, wherein there’s just the two of us.

And so, those were the days. How I wish that we could go astray just the two of us again, that we could get lost in our world and all we will care about is just to be right next to each other. Oh, how I miss that feeling of excitement and thrill knowing that I would get to be with you and just let those hours pass by. If we can just do that, please let’s.

But now, our world is very much different from that. Shall I say, it’s even brighter, happier, and livelier? Two became one—and one soon became four. How can’t it be that better off now that two little creatures laugh their young innocent hearts out, and just make us melt with their charming childish ways? They give meaning to our lives, they are the reason why we choose to hang on despite those rocky and hard times.

Of course, we’re no different from other couples. We fight and we sometimes wish we could kill each other, right? There are times when I want to ask myself, where was that guy I fell in love with since you seem to be a total stranger to me, especially at times when you go berserk. Well, as you always say, your patience has dwindled because of my defiant and non-submissive ways many years even before we got married. Please don’t give up on me. We must stay strong and fight all the odds together. This is our world now. This is our happy little family—you and me, and our two adorable kids.

As we grow older, my heart’s wish is for us to never forget that spark, that magical feeling that will make us young once again. Something that may be lost because of that stressful, routine life that we live now. I wish that the little things will be there to remind us how wonderful our love for one another has been throughout those years, and that we have no choice but to see each other’s hair turn gray and see our grandchildren together. When I think of this, I remind myself that I am very lucky to have you with me, and there’s no one I want to spend the rest of my life with but you. Anyway, no one will dare to grow old with you…just kidding.

Thank you, my love, for making my every day feel like a Valentine’s Day because you never fail to make me feel loved. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep living, for giving me the chance to fulfill the most meaningful job ever, being a mother and a wife. Here’s to the meaningful life we share in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death do us part. I love you always and forever! Happy Valentine’s Day and advance Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary!

Sweet hugs and kisses, Mayumu


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