Blessed Virgin Mary: “You must prepare urgently for change”

Blessed Virgin Mary: “You must prepare urgently for change”

From various points of the compass worldwide, Catholic mystics are receiving messages from Heaven as if in an ominous chorus, their lyrics speaking of a pending, unprecedented chastisement that will see many facing eternity.

I do not wish to sound dreadful, but if Heaven asks that warnings be spread to all, I see my only option as being an obedient mouthpiece, praying that my echo would reach even just a few.

In this space, I am thus sharing another message of Our Blessed Mother last March 7, again appealing for conversion, with a caveat anew that difficult times are ahead.

But before that, please note that there is no shortage of messages that should give strength and even comfort in the face of dread. Such were the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ to mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961) whose writings were endorsed by no less than St. Padre Pio and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. To her, Jesus, assuring mankind of afterlife, said on Oct. 19, 1943:

"Flee the distractions of the earth, isolated with Me. When one is going to enter a strange land to dwell there, its language is learned in order that one be not incapable of living there; at least one seeks to grasp the first rudiments of that language, and imprudent is he who goes [there] without learning even a word of it. He will have much toil the first time [there].

“In the eternal dwelling, Wisdom makes you learned in the first moment, it is true. But see, My soul, the last times of the earth are preparations for Heaven. When My Goodness gives all the signals and all the time for preparing oneself for Life, when not only through the work of My Mercy, but through that even of human will, there is given a means of providing for the last arrangements for your coming to that Life, then blessed is he who prepares himself there with care — which is never excessive.

“If you took this care, all of you whom age or a long sickness, or the ruthless contingency of war, place in the almost certain lot of dying, there would not be for you so many painful stops in Purgatory. You would complete your metamorphosis in Me with love for Me, with a true repentance for having grieved Me, with true generosity, with true resignation, with all the virtues practiced with good will, and you would not have to complete such work which makes of a man, a dough kneaded of flesh and blood in which the spirit has reigned little — which makes of him a spirit that has known the true Truth: that is, that God is the only Thing that merits all the movements of one's being." (End of quote.)

Now for the latest message of Our Blessed Mother to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla (who is supported and even endorsed by her bishop) on March 7, 2024:

“Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: You must change, even if I love you without change. I beg you to transform your lives into a constant walk towards the goal which is to fulfill God’s will.

“You have not heeded My pleas, My teachings through these revelations…You have not learned to transform yourselves and you are still walking in unfaithfulness towards My Son...

“You must prepare urgently for change as you are going to be judged on love, on works, and you must present your hands with abundant works on behalf of the conversion of your brothers and sisters, but firstly on behalf of your own conversion.

“Very difficult times are coming, little children: times of great trials, as you know, times of labor pains, and you must maintain your faith in the midst of great calamities.

“You must turn your gaze towards My Divine Son and let nothing keep you from maintaining My Divine Son at the center of your lives... but you must bend your knees...

“You must stretch out your hands towards your brothers and sisters and be merciful towards them, because sin condemns a person, it condemns My children.

“As a sorrowful Mother, My heart is constantly being pierced by seven swords over and over again, but you are going to rememer these words, My children, you will remember them and will regret not having been aware of what I am telling you, because you are only a short distance away from great suffering on a human level.

“You must soften your hearts. Leave your chains behind now, the hardening of the human ego: throw it far away from you!

“I ask you to pray, My children, but to also pray with works and actions.

“Pray for the Middle East.

“Pray for all nations that are becoming involved in the armed conflict leading to the Third World War.

“Dearly beloved, look at the signals and signs of this time that anticipate the great suffering of this generation, such as there has never been before. Sodom and Gomorrah suffered and were destroyed, but in My Heart as your Mother, I wish that all would be saved, My children, I wish that all would be saved and that you would come to keep faith in your heart, in your mind, in your thoughts, in your works and actions; for whoever has love in their heart has a great treasure, which cannot be compared with anything else in the world and which has no spiritual comparison, because he who is love has everything: everything.

“My little children, My Son is love, but at the same time he is a Just Judge. This generation has fallen to the lowest point, falling into the greatest of offenses towards My Divine Son. How My Heart grieves over this, over the base acts that are being committed at this very moment against My Divine Son and this Mother, and humanity, immersed in darkness, continues to sink further because it cannot see the light.

“My children, walk uprightly, fulfilling the Commandments, go to receive My Divine Son in the Celebration of the Eucharist, adore My Son in the Sacrament of the Altar.

“My children, I accompny you, I accompany every person who coes before My DivineSon in order to worship Him, so that they would not be alone, bringing to their heart words and feelings of love towards My Divine Son.

“May faith increase in you at all times, My little children, so that you may continue to walk uprightly and in preparation, as you are doing and more, in order that you would be capable of experiencing in your flesh the pain of betrayal, the bitterness of the gall, the pain of the cross, and then taste the honey of the Resurrection together with My Divine Son.

“Little children, I love you, I bless you, your families and all your relatives, and may strength be reborn in you so that, through that strength, you would lead your relatives who have not converted towards total conversion.

“I love you, My children, and I ask you to lift up your Sacramentals and especially your Holy Rosary in order for it to blessed again and sealed with the Precious Blood of My Divine Son in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” (End of quote.)

I am also sharing the comments of Luz de Maria on the above message. She wrote:

“Brothers and sisters: In keeping with the Love of Our Mother, let us strive to achieve inner change and prepare ourselves so that events would not find us asleep in the lethargy of disbelief. Let us pray in season and out of season, let us pray with our works and acts.

“Brothers and sisters, what our eyes will see, no creature has seen before. Is this because the offenses committed by humanity have exceeded everything in the past?”


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