BSKE 2023

For voters:

Choosing the candidates for Barangay and SK elections is a crucial process that determines the future of our communities. These elections play a vital role in shaping the leadership and governance at the grassroots level. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully select candidates who possess the necessary qualities and qualifications to serve effectively.

Firstly, candidates should have a genuine desire to serve their community. They must be driven by a passion for public service rather than personal gain. This can be assessed through their track record of community involvement and volunteer work.

Secondly, candidates must possess strong leadership skills. They should have the ability to inspire and motivate others towards achieving common goals. Leadership skills can be evaluated through their past experiences in leading initiatives or organizations within the community.

Furthermore, candidates should have a good understanding of local issues and challenges. They need to be aware of the needs and aspirations of their constituents in order to effectively address them. This can be assessed through their knowledge of local policies, programs, and projects.

Lastly, candidates must exhibit integrity and ethical conduct. They should uphold honesty, transparency, and accountability in their actions as public officials. This can be determined by evaluating their past behavior and reputation within the community.

Our poll workers:

The role of teachers in society extends far beyond the classroom. They are not only responsible for imparting knowledge to their students but also play a vital role in shaping the future of the nation. One such responsibility that often falls on the shoulders of DepEd teachers is serving as poll workers during elections.

Elections are a cornerstone of democracy, and ensuring their smooth conduct is crucial for upholding the principles of fairness and transparency. DepEd teachers, with their integrity and commitment to public service, are well-suited for this task. Their role as poll workers involves various responsibilities, including setting up polling stations, verifying voter identities, assisting voters with disabilities, and counting ballots.

DepEd teachers bring several qualities that make them ideal candidates for this duty. Firstly, they possess a strong sense of discipline and impartiality – traits necessary to maintain order at polling stations and ensure that all voters are treated fairly. Secondly, their experience in managing classrooms equips them with excellent organizational skills needed to handle large crowds efficiently.

Furthermore, DepEd teachers have undergone extensive training on ethical conduct and professionalism. This training instills in them a deep understanding of the importance of upholding democratic values during elections. They serve as role models for citizens by adhering strictly to electoral rules and regulations.

In conclusion, DepEd teachers' involvement as poll workers is essential for maintaining the integrity of elections. Their dedication to public service combined with their expertise in managing people makes them invaluable assets during this critical process. By entrusting them with this responsibility, we can ensure that our democratic system remains strong and vibrant.


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