Taking the lead in the real estate industry

THE real estate industry, in more ways than one, has gained more solid footing than it has in the last few years.

Pampanga and Central Luzon’s economy has grown robust and continues to progress as different property types are being developed, catering to varying markets from low-end to high-end.

If 2018 is any indication of how this industry will fare in the coming years, then it is certainly full of promise. This, according to one of the pioneering leaders in the industry, Hausland Development Corporation president and CEO Wilfredo “Willie” Tan.

“With the new train and airport project of our government, I can foresee that Pampanga will become the next center of development. Our province might actually be the next Metro Manila,” he said, as he added that with the influx of people coming from the capital, the province is also positioned to become the next residential haven next to Cavite.

He noted that his company, touted as the one of the leading property developers in the region, is welcoming this much-anticipated economic movement.

“We are preparing for this so-called transfer of people coming here in our place, as well as the entry of more big players in the real estate industry, which some would call competition, but we see it as a healthy synergy,” he relayed.

Asked why, he comes with a quick reply: “Well, we know that they are also hopping in the development of Pampanga. And that is a welcome move for us, because with new industry players, our province can continue to grow.”

“Again, some will say it’s competition, but for us, competition helps bring up the ante of your performance. So, if there will be a lot of new developers coming in, there’s no reason for us to relax or become stagnant,” he continued.

To stay ahead, the Kapampangan business primemover highlighted that Hausland Development Corporation is carefully studying each of its projects to make sure they serve a far greater purpose than mere shelter.

“Our thrust right now is to solidify our resources, focus on what we’re doing, and improve the products that we’re offering. We are always committed on not just putting a premium on aesthetics but also more importantly on the functionality,” he stressed.

He also noted that another way to stay relevant and on top of the game is by thinking out of the box and creating housing developments that are new and exciting to discerning buyers.

Tan shared that while continuously building innovative properties, Hausland Development Corporation will stay true to its primary vision which is to provide readily-available and affordable housing for the average income Kapampangan workers and migrants of Pampanga.

“By providing viable residential options on a well-planned community, we aim to contribute to countryside development and help decongest Metro Manila, which as director of the Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., has always been my advocacy,” he concluded.

Tan’s most successful master-planned developments include the Fiesta Communities and Hausland Development Corporation’s prime residences namely the Timog Residences, Nouveau Residences, Casa Mia, and Aspire Residences located at key locations in the region.

Recognized as one of the most influential personality in the real estate industry today, hehas been recently hailed as the Most Outstanding Kapampangan Awardee for Social Service.

Among his most notable feats include helping shape the 21st century real estate landscape, moving the housing sector forward and making homeownership more attainable.


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