CDC building design competition

CDC building design competition

Truly commendable is the idea of the officers of the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) to come up with a design competition for its new corporate building, welcome art and district signs in the Clark Freeport Zone.

By inviting architects and architectural firms to submit their conceptual designs for the new corporate building, the Clark Development Corporation is not only seeking the best possible design, but they are also promoting innovation and creativity within the architectural community. This competition will bring forth fresh ideas and perspectives.

Until March 20, interested individual architects or architectural firms can submit their intent to join the competition and respective portfolios to the CDC engineering department. From all the submitted portfolios, five will be shortlisted to begin conceptualizing and drafting their designs.

Each of the five shortlisted qualifiers in the corporate building design contest will be given P100,000 to cover for some of the expenses they may incur in coming up with their designs. If their design will be eventually chosen as winning entry, the group or individual who owns that design will receive P2 million.

In addition to the corporate building competition, a design contest for the Clark Freeport Zone welcome art to be constructed in front of SM City Clark and signs for the 8 districts of Clark is open to architects as well. For this, the five name in the shortlist will each receive P50,000 and the ultimate winner will take home P500,000.

How come nobody thought of this before? This move is a win-win for all parties involved and will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the future of the Clark Freeport Zone. This provides a platform for architects and architectural firms, especially our local-based professionals, to exhibit their talent and creativity.

The designs that will emerge from this competition will not only serve as landmarks in Clark but will also bolster the reputation of local architects on a national and international level.

The decision to open up the competition to all architects or architectural firms rather than limiting it to a select few is a step in the right direction. This move promotes inclusivity and allows for a diverse range of ideas and perspectives to be considered in the design process. It also gives smaller, lesser-known firms a chance to participate in a significant project that would otherwise be dominated by larger construction companies, thus creating a more level playing field and fostering healthy competition within the industry.

It could even help CDC save money spent on concept and design consultant with a limited range of designs.

With the construction of its new corporate building, CDC can now repurpose its old buildings to make its operation more efficient especially in the movement of its employees. The consolidation of employees into one building will create more synergy and smoother operations of the CDC, while the preservation of the old structures will contribute to the historical and cultural significance of the area.


The opening of the Airport Access Road leading to the Clark International Airport is another welcome development in Central Luzon.

This new road provides easier access to the airport via the Clark Mabalacat gate, SCTEx Clark North Exit or the New Clark City access road. It relieves one of the hassles of snaking through the roads of the main zone that would require crossing several traffic stops.

This new road cuts down travel time further to and from the airport. With the expansion of the SCTEX-NLEx connector road and the soon-to-be-completed commuter railway, the Clark International Airport will undoubtedly become a more preferred airport in Luzon.


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