Decision sowed confusion on territorial boundaries

Decision sowed confusion on territorial boundaries

THE LONG-AWAITED decision of the Supreme Court on the true boundaries of Makati City and Taguig must have brought so many issues that have caused confusion among officials and residents of the two areas.

This decision which took years to be promulgated defined the metes and bounds of each city, pronouncing the jurisdiction over properties and facilities resulting in one city losing jurisdiction over school and other structures and. most importantly, the residents.

And so it happened that residents of CEmbo Makati suddenly became residents of Taguig and lost some privileges inherent to residents of Makati such as free health care and education benefits. Definitely, these affected Makati residents protested the loss of their privileges in their old city residences.

Such is the sorry consequence of the Supreme Court Decision and nowadays there are still irritants over the loss of the privileges. Taguid, the receiving city, says it cannot provide for the former Makati residents as it has no resources like the affluent losing city.

The decision must have been reached after a long well-studies research on several factors. This, the Supreme Court must have taken in deep consideration as it involved the very lives of people of both cities.

Definitely, the decision created confusion over a lot of things, especially on the assignment of top tier Education officials.

Makati even put signs of ownership over certain schools but eventually had to reconsider giving them to Taguig in deference of the decision.

Matters like this may happen in some areas of the country. Which brings to mind that of Barangays Mabiga, headed by chairman Elmer Rivera Calaguas and Camachiles, Mabalacat City where Camachiles once claimed parts of Mabiga.

A resolution was forthwith made by the Sangguniang Barangay asserting jurisdiction over the territory near SM Hypermart. The matter has been settled now I presume and peace prevails in both barangays.


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