Facemasks anew at NAIA; another pandemic as prophesied?

St. Micheal warns of diseases caused by insects
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Authorities at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have again imposed face masks on travelers as a precaution against a bacterial disease, known as STSS (streptococcal toxic shock syndrome), already spreading in Japan.

Is the illness, described by experts as “potentially deadly”, the one prophesied to third-degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla?

Many respectable and renowned Catholic believe the authenticity of Luz de Maria who has been receiving dire messages from Heaven, many of which have come true, since 1992.

Consider, for example, what Our Lord Jesus Christ told her on April 14, 2010:

"Plague is approaching for humanity. This is produced by human hands, which wanting some economic power that they have lost in recent times, will cause disease among My own. This causes My Heart great pain. Therefore, I am warning you, and again I remind you of the use of the sacramentals so that you would protect yourselves. I remind you to anoint your homes for protection."

Also, this message she got from St. Michael the Archangel on Aug. 8, 2019 as follows: "When you hear of a strongly contagious respiratory illness, do not expose yourselves in crowds, or in places where you have to share several hours with your brothers and sisters, for example in airplanes and collective means of transport. Wait patiently for the said disease to abate. People of God be obedient and be patient, so that with due discernment and given My calls, you are cautious in undertaking trips that are not a priority."

Of course, we now all know how all these came true when Covid 19 came in full force worldwide starting in the early part of 2020.

Only last June 19, Luz de Maria received from St. Michael the Archangel another message which warned as follows: “ Pray children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray, the diseases are coming NOW, one and the other at the same time. You know how to act, Heaven has gone ahead of you.”

There was also a previous message saying that travel lock downs would again be imposed (although it was not specific on extent) because of another pandemic.

So could STSS be one of the prophesied diseases? What is it? Let me quote a recent article from the South China Morning Post:

“According to the Centre for Health Protection, an infection of Streptococcus pyogenes, or Group A streptococcus (GAS), can lead to mild and common illnesses such as a sore throat or skin infection, such as impetigo.

“In rare cases, referred to as ‘invasive GAS’ or iGAS, the bacteria can cause more severe and even life-threatening complications.

“This is due to the bacteria entering parts of the body where the minute living organisms are not common, such as the blood, muscles or cerebrospinal fluid.

“In cases of Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome involving iGAS patients, serious symptoms can develop in a short time characterised by low blood pressure, a faster-than-normal heart rate, rapid breathing and signs suggesting organ failure.

“Other symptoms may include high fever, chills, dizziness, nausea, severe muscle pain, swelling and redness at the site of a wound.

“According to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the fatality rate for streptococcal toxic shock syndrome can exceed 30 per cent.

“According to the Centre for Health Protection, GAS infections can spread at any time of the year, and people can carry the infection without showing any symptoms.

“It can be transmitted through respiratory droplets, touching the wounds of an infected person or by being in contact with contaminated equipment.

“While a typical infection can take anywhere from one to five days to set in, signs of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome usually develop within 24 to 48 hours of initial symptoms.

“The centre said the elderly, young children, the immunocompromised, those with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, or people who recently had a viral infection were at a higher risk of iGAS.” (End of quote.)

Heaven, however, does not leave us helpless. In messages to Luz de Maria, there has been frequent mention of sacramentals.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says sacrementals “are sacred signs which bear a resemblance to the sacraments. They signify effects, particularly of a spiritual nature, which are obtained through the intercession of the Church. By them men are disposed to receive the chief effect of the sacraments, and various occasions in life are rendered holy."

From Wikipedia: "sacramental is a material object or action (in Latin sacramentalia) ritually blessed by a priest to signal its association with the Sacraments and so to incite reverence during acts of worship...Holy water, for example, is a sacramental that believers use to recall their baptism; other common sacramentals include blessed candles, blessed palms, blessed ashes, a cross necklace (often taken to be blessed by a pastor before daily use), blessed salt, and holy cards, as well as Christian art, especially a crucifix. Apart from those worn daily, such as a cross necklace or devotional scapular, sacramentals are often kept on home altars in Christian households."

At one time, Jesus specifically cited to Luz the use of the Miraculous Medal.

Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, Luz de Maria quoted the Blessed Mother on January 31, 2015, as saying: "Another disease is spreading, affecting the respiratory tract; it is extremely contagious. Keep holy water; use hawthorn and the Echinacea plant to combat it."

Also on May 24, 2017, the Blessed Virgin Mary cited yet another disease: "Serious illnesses are approaching that attack the digestive system; use the plant known as Angelica. Use the entire plant properly, with pregnant women being cautious. A disease is coming that will attack the eyes; for this use the plant known as Eyebright."

On March 12, 2017, Our Blessed Mother also said: "As your Mother, I beg you to maintain as part of your routine for living, the daily necessity of ingesting Vitamin C, of ingesting raw garlic or ginger daily."

Garlic is well known known to be both antiviral and anti-bacterial and is reputed to strengthen the immune system. There was also mention of oregano.

Our Blessed Mother also frequently cited the use of the Good Samaritan Oil, but the components are not readily locally available so I am skipping on it. It can, however, be purchased online.

But Our Lord Jesus also recommended the boosting of the immune system also through a plant familiar to Filipinos- malunggay or moringa.

Residents of Baguio City where there are pine trees came to my mind in Luz's quote of Jesus on March 1, 2019, when He said: "Remain on alert: serious epidemics are appearing before humanity and they attack the respiratory system, for which I call you to use Pinus needles or leaves with extreme prudence, in doses no greater than twice a day, in the form of tea."

Heaven has indeed urged various recommendations to protect ourselves from diseases.

Luz once asked the Blessed Mother what should be done to make the body more resistant to the coming plagues and the Blessed Mother replied:

"My Beloved, use water boiled beforehand and start the body's detoxification straightaway by drinking as much water as possible: in this way, the body will be purified."


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