First day of the year in Japan

First day of the year in Japan

It may not be a happy one but Japan grabbed the global limelight at the start of the year 2024 due to the strong earthquake it experienced as the New Year commenced. Then, an airport incident resulted in flames when a Japanese Coast Guard Turboprop plane collided with an Airbus passenger plane at Haneda Airport.

The tremor, measuring 7.6 magnitude, was so devastating, as it destroyed a number of buildings, toppled bridges and cracked roads. It even generated a tsunami, thus resulting in an additional number of casualties swept by big waves. It collapsed residences and inundated several communities.

It happened last New Year’s Day when people were visiting temples and other places of interest. The shaker shook the western coast of the central island part of Japan. Earthquakes indeed can strike anytime at any place, at any occasion.

Japan is well-known for its advanced technology that includes its innovative engineering of its infrastructure. While there are a number of buildings and structures which were damaged and suffered cracks, it is but fortunate that they are sturdy and earthquake-resilient. The estimated damage could be higher with more casualties perhaps, if only buildings and residences are not that well-engineered just like those in third-world countries.

In a news clip on the recent earthquake, we can hear sirens all over the places signaling the possible onslaught of big waves due to the earthquake. The tsunami warning system was impressive in that it gave people the chance to go to higher places. Japanese people would not ignore these warnings and they take such seriously seeking shelter on loftier grounds.

Meanwhile, airline accident investigators are currently baffled as to why the said accident happened. Despite the airport and the airlines’ highly-advanced navigational equipment, the collision did happen. The Japanese Coast Guard on board the turbo-prop airplane suffered 5 casualties and those in the landing passenger airplane were all alive after they were safely evacuated from the burning fuselage.

The first day of the year in Japan was not that happy. In fact, it was full of action and tragedy. Although the Japanese people are not new to earthquakes, the most recent one is quite strong and damaging. Many were surprised as they spent their leisure time while on a holiday.

Some seers would relate the recent earth shaker as a sign of a disastrous year ahead. Although calamities do happen indeed, they would “forecast” earthquakes, tsunamis and floods with their “clairvoyant powers”. In truth however, nothing and no one can predict earthquakes.

We need to hope for the best for 2024 and prepare for the worst on the other hand. We cannot tell what’s in store for all of us but we can make life happier as the months of the new year unfolds. Happy New Year.


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