Benjie Pangan
Benjie Pangan

Giving education the right direction

STAKEHOLDERS in education –the learners, their parents, teachrs, school officials and members of the academe –all have their say in the future of Philippine education.

We have enough support for our education system –the budget and infrastructure to maintain its sustainablity to carry on various programs and activities for our learners who are the prime beneficiaries of our efforts to improve the education system and methods of instruction.

Our Commission on Higher Education, local schools, colleges and universities take an active rolein implementing guidelines and standars to achieve excellence in Philippine education which, some year ago, has been comparable to other nations in terms of test and achievement results and assessment ratings.

Sadly, our recent performance has been rated below standard. Our education officialks and administrators have been asked why this dismal performance and neither one of them has cooncrete answer to this painful question –why the dismal performance?

Are we so remiss i supporting our education officials/administrators?

Records show that the department has had more than sufficient budgets every year. Therefore, it has no shortfall in funds to keep its activities, projects and programs running. Where then lies the problem?

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Lately, there are plans to revert back to the old school calendar where classes start in June and end in April t protect our learners from the heat and give them the comfort of their homes in March or April.

Would this plan prosper or would it just be shelved for another time?

PBBM shoul give this matter utmost focus and attention/action our education the right direction to benefit millions of our learners.

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