Happy Valentine's Day

In deference to tradition the observance of Valentine's Day every fourth (14th) of Frebuary is in homage to the memory of Saint Valentine- a Roman martyrdom priest. There is no explanation in regard to the priest's martyrdom.

It is believed anyway that Saint Valentine's association with love probably reflects the near-coincidence of his feast day (February 14) with the acient Roman Fertility Festival of Lupercalia held every February 15. Hence, the practice of sending Valentine card dating back from the 19th Century. Lupercalia is an ancient Roman religios festival celebrated on February 15,

to enhance fertility for people, animals and land. The most noted of the activities of the celebration involved nated young men called Luperei cireling the walls of the Palestine Hill in Rome and thrashing women with whips made from the skins of sacrificed animals.

It was believed that the woman struck by the whips would be rendered fertile and thus biget a child.

This belief is a reminder of our local tradition that a Filipina who has yet been denied the implored pregnancy after a year or two marriage is encouraged to visit a Roman Catholic Church in Obando, Bulacan.

Precisely, the sole purpose of such religious visitation is to pray before the Holy Saint's church resident and beseech this the Divine favor of the getting pregnant.

Indeed, This practice of sending valentine card has long been complemented with a more intimate manifastation of romantic relationship in the dance floor.



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