Heaven’s recommendations vs. another plague includes garlic, “malunggay”

Heaven’s recommendations vs. another plague includes garlic, “malunggay”

The “signs of the times” are becoming more obvious in our days, both in Nature and man-made events. Yet, one recent disclosure from Heaven, as conveyed to one Catholic mystic, said that God has even extended the time of His mercy for more conversions. The implication here is dire.

There are so many prophecies, nay, warnings of more unfortunate events that have not happened, such as the shaking of the earth, so many volcanoes erupting, more widespread war, new plagues worse than Covid, etc. Again picking up from the messages of the credible mystics, it would seem all are to happen one after the other- leaving no time for any sigh of relief- soon after the prophesied Warning which has been a frequent topic in this space.

I say this partly on the basis of what St. Michael the Archangel told third-degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on Feb. 19, 2022. Luz recalled as follows:

“Saint Michael the Archangel shows me the way in which evil will attack us in the midst of the war. First will come spiritual, then material attack on food, clothing, medicines that are essential for some people, together with the restriction of individual freedoms as a result of the new disease.”

It is clear from the mystics, however, that the forewarned events can still be mitigated by more conversions, continuing prayers and other means, but no longer scrapped altogether.

Why such terrifying events? My layman’s view is that tragic events could be the only way for some people to finally call on God for His mercy and thus be the only means to be saved from hell as they face the throes of death. Remember that video of an earthquake shaking a mall somewhere in the Visayas, along with a frantic voice calling on God’s intervention? It is said that even the worst sinner could be forgiven if he finally seeks Divine Mercy in the very last second of earthly life.

In the meantime, we can still work for the mitigation of the worst that can befall us.

And speaking of the warnings of new plagues, third-degree Augustinian stigmatist has never been short of messages from both Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother on earthly recommendations to protect ourselves.

Here is a compilation of the messages which I chose because of the availability of the recommended herbal prophylactics and panaceas in the Philippines except for the Oil of the Good Samaritan which, however, could be bought online.

Jesus Christ on July 29, 2023: “Pray, My children, pray, pray: a new disease is emerging for the skin and respiratory system; it is very aggressive and invasive and is transmitted in a short space of time. To combat this disease, take pineapple. Add three slices of the fruit and a leaf of the same plant to boiling water and drink a liter of this decoction little by little during the day for several days. The plant called Mullein will also help you.”

Our Lord Jesus on Aug. 22, 2022: “My Beloved People, to keep the immune system high, take Moringa for no longer than two weeks, then rest for three weeks and begin again. Drink Green Tea, without excess.”

Our Blessed Mother Mary on Jan. 28, 2020: “Great pestilences, plagues generated by unknown viruses are advancing upon humanity: use the oil ofthe Good Samaritan as protection faced with a case of a highly contagious disease where you live – the quantity of the head of a pin on the earlobes will suffice. If the number of those infected increases, you should put it on both sides of your neck and on the wrists of both hands.”

Our Blessed Mother on Dec. 21, 2019: “My children are suffering more frequently from respiratory diseases, which increase, being recurrent and requiring long treatment.

“Children, have you not asked yourselves why it is that you should be weaker faced with respiratorydiseases? Exposure to drastic changes in the climate greatly contributes to your bodies’ being exposed to respiratory complications, but at the same time the hand of man is implicit, spreading chemicals and viruses through the air so that you fall sick more frequently, and these sometimes become mortal for human beings.

“Faced with this, you should protect yourselves in order to minimize exposure to white trails when they cover the atmosphere. At the same time, spray the oil of the Good Samaritan on what you have chosen to protect your nose and mouth.

“Sick minds of powerful nations are the demons that spread the disease on My children in airplanes. Shut your homes and do not expose yourselves to the open air when you see strange forms in the atmosphere.”

Luz de Maria also recounted what Our Blessed Mother told her on June 3, 2016, as she recalled: “Our Mother told me that true plagues will come and that we should ingest a raw clove of garlic every morning, or oil of oregano; these two are excellent antibiotics. If oil of oregano is not available, oregano can be boiled to make an infusion; however, the Oil of Oregano is a better antibiotic.”

On March 8, 2020, St. Michael also told Luz: :Suffering is coming to humanity, great sufferin is coming, pandemics are coming. Because of this,the Father’s House has allowed Our Queen of Heaven and Earth to be the one who with Her Love gives you means of protection from the diseases that are coming to humanity. Do not forget that everything must be used with faith, as faith is the main ingredient for miracles to be accomplished.”

And, yes, prepare Miraculous Medals and have them blessed by a priest. On May 30, 2013, Our Lord Jesus told Luz:

“The silent step of the plague that will raze the life of men is heavy. Only My Mother’s Help will be able to stop it; use the Miraculous Medal to this purpose, carrying faith before you as the Banner of Triumph.”

As for newer messages from Heaven, I am sharing the following quote from Our Lady, Queen of Peace to visionaary Marija in Medjugorje on April 25, 2024:

“Dear children! I am with you to tell you that I love you and to encourage you to prayer; because Satan is strong and every day his strength is stronger through those who have chosen death and hatred. You, little children, be prayer and my extended hands of love for all those who are in darkness and seek the light of our God. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


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