Huge unremitted SSS contributions

Benjie Pangan
Benjie Pangan

IF the reports on the unremitted SSS contributions were accurate and true, the concerned employers are doing their employees a great disservice and very unfair treatment.

Imagine deducting the amounts from their measly salaries and their withholding them for reasons only the bad employeees know while the said deductions could have been used by the disadvantaged employees for their daily existence. Why would these employers not remit the contributions exacted from their employees? I know there are laws penalizing auch non-remittance of the contributions.

And the expected pension funds of these employees will be at risk. Imagine the huge amount of P56 billion which should have been remitted to the Social Security System for credit to the respective accounts of their employees. Some employers must have put the substantial amounts in the money market for their personal gain while depriving their employees of the correcponding benefits and privileges.

£ £ £

And now comes the most exciting part in Pampanga politics. It has been bruited about that the Pineda clan will field an opponent to the incumbent Mayor Vilma Caluag of the City of San Fernando.

It is well recognized that Pampanga has been known as the Pineda province where their family members have occupied posts in the political field –from mayor to provincial board member, vice governor to governor. T seems they have no plans of retiring from Pampanga politics and only death can stop them.

Meanwhile, Mayor Caluag has performed ceditably well in the city of San Fernando. Why ot let her finish the allowed terms in the Constitution?

The Pinedas, headed by Rodolfo @Bong@ Pineda are very affluent and their net worth io estimated at over a billion pesos and counting with the daily collections from the illegal numbers game running into millions from the north to the south as fa as Bicol.

The question is: would Mayor Vilma stand a chance against any Pineda challenger? Remember, money matters most in politics. It is a big battle in the offing, this Caluag vs. Pineda tiff.


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