Jesus Christ asserts immortality of each human’s soul

Jesus Christ asserts immortality of each human’s soul

In 1983, the Blessed Mother Mary appeared to housewife Gladys Quiroga de Motta in her house in San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Argentina while she was praying the Rosary. The Blessed Mother was dressed in blue, holding the baby Jesus and with a Rosary in her hand, but said nothing.

After several more apparitions, Mother Mary finally spoke to Gladys for the first time, saying, “You have done well. Do not be afraid. Come to see me. I will take you by the hand and you will travel many paths.” At times, Our Lord Jesus Christ would also visit Gladys, an uneducated but devout woman.

Gladys received many messages, some of them prophetic, over the years.

Later, Bishop Hector Sabatino Cardelli of San Nicolas affirmed the supernatural character of the apparitions, saying the events and even the messages were “worthy of belief.”

Cardelli officially declared that "The apparitions of Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolás have a supernatural character and are worthy of belief.”

In his homily on May 22, 2016, Cardelli said, “I worked in consultation with experts and witnesses. I discerned on three specific criteria, namely: Is the event naturally occurring? Could it be the work of the enemy? Is it of supernatural origin? The answers to these questions left me sure that it is real and positive fruit exceeding mere human action.”

Among the messages Gladys received from the Blessed Mother were the following , as approved by her bishop:

“Two-thirds of the world is lost and the other part must pray and make reparation for the Lord to take pity. The devil wants to have full domination over the earth. He wants to destroy. The earth is in great danger… At these moments all humanity is hanging by a thread. If the thread breaks, many will be those who do not reach salvation… Hurry because time is running out; there will be no room for those who delay in coming!… The weapon that has the greatest influence on evil is to say the Rosary.”

“Today the world is confused, very confused. Evil appears to be the only solution. Mankind is being lead by Satan to the deepest of the abysses, to the total condemnation of the soul. Fortunate those that want to see clear in their hearts. Fortunate those that stop to meditate. Fortunate those that are lead by the Mother. Glory be to the Eternal One! In these times of great confusion and so little light in souls, my purest light will be the one that guides you in the middle of so much darkness. I will help you to overcome all uncertainty. This Mother will make your encounter with the Son possible. For this, it is necessary to become small and to give in to my Heart.”

“The demon acts ferociously, do not be astonished. He attacks without compassion, surrounding everything what he can touch. Pray my children, prayer fortifies. You are called by Jesus Christ to pray. The prince of evil spills today his poison with all the forces, because he sees that he is concluding his sad reign. He has little left, his end is near.”

“In these times in which the poison of the evil one seems to contaminate everything, the Lord becomes evident for the salvation of souls. The enemy is defying me very ruthlessly, is openly tempting my children. It is a fight between the light and the darkness. It is a constant persecution to my dear Church.”

“The Holy Rosary is the most feared weapon of the enemy. It is also the refuge for those seeking relief, and it is also the door to enter my Heart. It is in fact this time, a precious time that does not have to be wasted but to be taken advantage of. The Redeemer is offering to the world the way to face the death that is Satan. He is offering as He did from the Cross, His Mother, mediator of all grace.”

“I want to heal my children of that disease that is materialism. Many suffer and I want to help them discover Christ, to love Christ, and to say to them that Christ prevails above all.”

Allow me to shift to Archbishop Don Ottavio Michelini, (14 August 1906 - 15 October 1979) of Mirandola, Italy, who lived the last four years of his life as a well known mystic receiving messages from Our Lord Jesus.

The messages were later compiled in a book titled “Confidences of Jesus to a Priest.”

Our Lord Jesus had once told him about the mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961) who had put on record, all handwritten, volumes of what she was allowed to witness in the life of Our Lord Jesus on earth. Jesus told Michenili: ˝I have dictated to Maria Valtorta, a victim soul, a marvelous work (titled The Poem of the Man God). Of this work I am the Author.”

This I cite because I am sharing excerpts from Valtorta’s work in regard to each human’s immortality, yes, that part of the Apostle’s Creed that pertains to life everlasting, amid mounting prophecies that in the pending Great Tribulations, many are to face the afterlife.

The excerpts feature a conversation between Our Lord Jesus and a woman named Valeria, whose beloved daughter had already died, and another named Plautina.

The excerpts as written by Valtorta:

“Valeria, who is fascinated by the thought of immortality, asks: Master, tell me where the soul of my child is. I will kiss that spot like a shrine and I will worship it, because it is part of God.”

Jesus: “The soul! it is like this light that little Fausta wishes to grasp and cannot, because it is incorporeal. But it is there. You, I, your friends can see it. Likewise a soul can be seen in everything that differentiates man from animals. When your little one will tell you her first thoughts, you can say that such understanding is her soul which is revealing itself. When she will love you not by instinct, but with her reason, consider that that love is her soul. When she will grow beautiful beside you , not so much in her body as in virtue, consider that that beauty is her soul. And do not worship her soul, but God Who created it, God Who wishes every soul to be a throne for Him.”

Valeria: “But where is this incorporeal and sublime thing: in one's heart? In one's brains?”

Jesus: “It is in the whole of man. It contains you and is contained within you. When it leaves you, you become a corpse. When it is killed by a crime that man commits against himself, you are damned, separated from God for ever.”

Plautina: “You therefore agree that the philosopher who said that we are immortal was right, although he was a heathen?”

Jesus: “I do not agree. I will go further. I say that it is an article of faith. The immortality of the soul, that is the immortality of the superior part of man is the most certain and most comforting mystery to believe. It is the one that assures us of where we come from, where we go , who we are, and it removes all the bitterness of every separation…”

“Plautina is deeply absorbed in thought. Jesus watches her and is silent. At last she asks: ‘And have You a soul?’”

“Jesus” “Certainly.”

Plautina: “But are You or are You not God?”

Jesus: “I am God. I told you. But now I have taken the nature of Man. And do you know why? Because only by this sacrifice of Mine I was able to resolve the points which were insuperable for your reason, and after demolishing errors and freeing minds, I was able also to free souls from a slavery which I cannot explain to you just now. I therefore enclosed Wisdom and Holiness in a body. I spread Wisdom like seed on the ground and pollen to the winds. Holiness will flow, as from a precious broken amphora, on to the world in the hour of Grace and will sanctify men. Then the Unknown God will become known.”



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