Jesus’ Dec. 8 message: “The battle for souls is fierce”

Jesus’ Dec. 8 message: “The battle for souls is fierce”

Recent messages from Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother continue with appeals for conversion and are explicit in lament over worsening times. They have also been giving counsel on what to do in preparation for the worsening consequences of mankind's transgressions.

Those of us who continue to spread the messages from Heaven, coursed through credible Catholic mystics, sometimes trip on exhaustion under the impression that conversion appeals have been landing nowhere. But if Heaven perseveres, we find no reason to allow frustration to fertilize.

Keep faith, Our Lord Jesus admonishes the already converted for there will be harder times and weightier temptations to face, amid statements from His Mother that travails are unfolding over “long years” yet.

Last Dec. 8, the solemnity of the Immaculate Concepcion, Our Lord Jesus made anew the appeal to keep faith, among other concerns particularly in regard to His Mother.

The message was conveyed through third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla. The message:

“My beloved children, I bless you all, I bless you in your being, so that you would turn to Me at all times.

“I invite you to continue hand in hand with My Most Holy Mother, Intercessor for all humanity.

“I call you to rejoice on this very special date, celebrating the Immaculate Conception of My Most Holy Mother, so that you would repay her with joy and special recognition of Her Immaculate Conception from the first moment of her being..

“My mother is praised by all in Heven; on thisdate she is adorned with the gold of Ophir for this occasion.

“I must tell you that My Mother has wanted to share with Her children the pain of what is happening, and She wears Her white garment and heavenly mantle to accompany Her children received at the foot of My Cross.

“Humanity is not progressing towards good, but towards evil. Humanity is immersed in interests that do not lead it to acquire treasures for Heaven, but for Earth.

“My suffering and that of My Mother are profound as we live each moment in which My children of this generation, in their great majority, will surrender to Satan and be lost. My children's faith is weak; it is not deep, but passes through various states in the space of an instant. This makes My Blessed Mother suffer.

“My beloved, at the moment the battle for souls is fierce; the evil oppressor of My children is like a roaring lion looking for the slightest reason to tempt the weak and carry off his spoils.

“Be creatures of goodness; live practicing charity in all its aspects, do not hold grudges that gnaw at your lives; be like children. Seek peace and harmony with your brothers and sisters; keep in mind that My Blessed Mother distinguished Herself by Her faith, by not questioning, by being meek and by being the essence of Love.

“Give your hands to My Most Holy Mother and be love, before which there is no door that will not open. Igrant you all that you ask of Me for the good of My children.

“You find yourselves in serious times, ones of self-interest, of persecutions, of falsehoods, but you are not alone: you have received a Mother who loves you and has remained with Her people and will remain with Her people until the end.

“My children, adorn My Blessed Mother with your communion in a state of grace; adorn My Most Holy Mother with the love that you have for Her. Be obedient children so that you may continue on the right path, practising the Commandments and Sacraments.

“What would become of a child of Mine separated from Me, living an individual faith without correction or penance, not correcting his conduct, without love for his neighbor, absorbing all that comes to him from Me and from My Mother and keeping it in his heart, where peace does not remain stable but moves from one place to another?

“My Mother grieves over these children of Mine who cause her so much suffering. Give My Blessed Mother your hand so that you may walk on the right path.

“My Immaculate Mother, without the least vestige of sin, is the Sacred Vessel from which I, as God, was born. Souls who have walked practicing good, loving their neighbor, forgiving and fulfilling My Will, present themselves before Her who is the Gate of Heaven.

“Dear children, there is no way otehr than that of being like My Mother - obedient, loving the Divine Will, being a Woman of Silence, merciful, possessing all the gifts and virtues owned by the Queen of Heaven.

“Pure, without sin, My Mother is the Mother of humanity, always searching for Her children and welcoming repentant sinners so that they do not feel alone, guiding them on the right path.

“Pray, My children, receive Me in the Holy Eucharist in a state of grace.

“Pray, My children, for those who reject Me and for those who do not love My Most Holy Mother.

“Pray for all humanity, not forgetting that you must increase in faith.

“Pray for those who do not love Me, for those who do not love My Mother, for those who enter into foul waters using the double-edged sword.

“Pray for all humanity, which finds itself at a critical moment; remain vigilant so that My Mother, who loves you with Eternal Love, would not lose you.

“Favored rose of the Heavenly Garden,

Spring of crystalline water that quenches My children’s thirst,

with Her Love She raises the sick and encourages them to continue.

Temple of the Divine Spirit, welcoming everyone,

not rejecting any of Her children.

Beloved Mother of Mine, path of souls.

“My beloved children: I bless you on this very special date. I bless your heart. I bless your mind so that you would not let go of it, letting it gnaw at your soul. I bless you with My Love. I bless you with the love of My Most Holy Mother.”


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