Jesus: “Enough is enough”, warns on wars, attack on US

 Jesus: “Enough is enough”, warns on wars, attack on US

Instinctive hesitancy was my first reaction when I came across Our Lord Jesus Christ’s first message this new year through third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla.

The feeling was borne of the message’s gravity and specificity, but knowing that Our Lord Himself intended the message for all in these times, I am now sharing His words as conveyed to Luz de Maria on Jan. 2, 2024.

This, amid my confidence in the credibility of Luz de Maria as a Catholic mystic who continues to be supported by priests, including personalities in the Church hierarchy and whose past prophecies have come to pass. The messages she had been receiving from Heaven have been published in a book titled Thy Kingdom Come which was bestowed with an imprimatur.

Still, I ask the reader to please pray first to the Holy Spirit for guidance before reading on. Many messages via Luz de Maria are not for the weak of heart, yet were given from Heaven anyway. Faith and trust are needed.

Without wasting more space, here is the message of last Jan. 2, as translated from Spanish.

“Dear children: May My blessing be received by all, and may you allow My Holy Spirit to make His dwelling in you.

“You have begun a new calendar year, in which there will be an increase of the tensions about which you have been warned.

“Spiritual growth is essential in order for you to overcome the fierce trials in front of you.My Most Holy Mother has shown you the way to move forward and strive by strengthening your faith.

“Inconstancy is the enemy of the soul...Living spirituality in your own way is not My Will…Being irascible individuals leads you to live far from spiritual growth...

Being domineering leads you into decline...

“Dearly beloved children of My Heart: It is necessary for you to grow, to know what is happening around you and to be aware of the need to stay firm and faithful to My House.

“The tentacles of evil are branching out and penetrating all areas of My children’s activity in order to make them fall in one way or another. The imperative of your losing eternal life is the goal and imperative of the Antichrist. Without being made known to you, the Antichrist is walking about certain countries in Europe and America, carrying his ideals with him so that human beings would continue to spread evil.

“Little children, the winds of war are sweeping across the Earth; small countries are being reinforced in order to invade others, and in this way they will cause war to carry on increasing.

“Pray, My children: the Balkans will go to war. Pray, My children, pray: Russia and Ukraine will involve other countries in the war.

“Pray, My children, pray:Venezuela will attack Guyana.

“Pray, My Children, pray: Israel will experience isolation.

“Pray, My Children, pray: France will go to war.

“Pray, My children, pray: Spain will not resist and war will come to this nation.

“Pray, My Children, pray: North Korea will attack unexpectedly and Taiwan will suffer; other countries will provide support to Taiwan.

“Pray, My children, pray: North Korea will attack the United States and war will spread.

“Pray, My children, in such times My legions led by St. Michael the Archangel will be rescuing souls.

“With sadness I announce to you that food will be scarce and that all humanity will suffer. The economy will falter, the United States will not respond, countries will return to their currencies and then to precious metals.

“Little children, you need the information necessary in order to take prompt measures; this is not a game that you will be facing gradually - it is a reality that you do not want to see, and if you doubt the Devil will take you as his prize.

“You are not heading into easy times: these are moments of great pain due to such great offenses in My Church. My Heart is bleeding, I am not respected and My churches are being taken over by Freemasonry, which does not delay in dividing My Church until it goes into schism.

“Beloved little children, do not expose yourselves to the sun: it will cause great damage to the Earth. Darkness is approaching, advancing little by little upon Earth, and how many of My children will perish because of having mocked My Announcements. With its energy, the sun will cause the Earth to shake in one place and another with great force.

“Enough is enough, little children, enough is enough! This is the time to stop, to leave everything and stop in order to look within yourselves.

“Conversion will not be achieved through prayer alone, but rather through eradicating everything within you that keeps you from being recognized as My children. Change must hurt and therefore all those whose health does not prevent it should offer fasts, not only from food, but from lack of love for their neighbor, fasting from pride, fasting from domination, fasting from believing that they know everything, fasting from foolishness.

“You must go to the confessional, repent completely, intending very firmly to make amends, and receive Me in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, with hearts free of all evil and at peace with your brothers and sisters. The Works of Mercy are very important in the process of conversion, as is praying with the heart, hand in hand with My Mother, Teacher of My children.

“I invite you to pray, requesting that from now on, My beloved Angel of Peace would send you blessings that are necessary for you.

“My beloved children, I invite you to change; without the necessary change within each of My children it will be difficult, very difficult, for you not to succumb to the temptations and offers of the Antichrist.

“Pray and be creatures of good. I bless you with My Love.”


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