Laus Group harnesses sunlight to energize buildings

Laus Group harnesses sunlight to energize buildings

The Laus Group of Companies made a significant step forward in its commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices with the official switch-on of solar power systems at two of its flagship businesses in the City of San Fernando on December 18, 2023.

The ceremonial event, which marked the activation of solar panels atop the buildings of Carworld, Inc. and Corporate Guarantee and Insurance Company, was attended by top executives of the company, including Chairman Lisset Laus-Velasco, President Paul Tristan A. Laus, Executive Vice President & Group COO Alfie A. Adriano, and Philergy Managing Partner Jochen Staudter.

The successful activation of the solar power systems on a cloudy day was a testament to the advanced technology and capacity of the solar panels, as they were still able to produce close to 300 kwh of power combined.

Carworld, Inc., the flagship Mitsubishi dealer of the Laus Group of Companies, saw its solar power system generating 172.26 kwh, falling just slightly under its consumption of 175.67 kwh. This demonstrated an impressive 98% self-sufficiency even on a cloudy day.

Similarly, Corporate Guarantee and Insurance Company's solar power system was able to produce 131.25 kwh, slightly surpassing its actual power requirement of 131.13 kwh.

This achievement underscored the potential of solar energy in meeting the power needs of businesses while reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

Chairman Lisset Laus-Velasco expressed her excitement and pride in the company's commitment to environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

She highlighted the significance of embracing solar energy as a step towards sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Laus-Velasco also emphasized the potential for substantial savings and the positive impact on the environment through the reduction of carbon emissions and the preservation of natural resources.

The chairman also announced the company's plans for future solar installations, aiming to expand the use of solar power across more locations and businesses within the Laus Group of Companies.

She mentioned the company's dealership in Metro Manila as a potential candidate for solar power, once it becomes more feasible for their operation.

The partnership with Philergy, a solar panel provider from Germany, was highlighted as a crucial aspect of the successful implementation of the solar power systems.

Laus-Velasco emphasized the importance of working with a trusted and accredited partner in the solar energy industry, ensuring the reliability and quality of the systems installed.

The significant emphasis placed on the environmental impact and the long-term benefits of renewable energy highlighted the Laus Group of Companies' dedication to sustainable business practices and their recognition of the role of businesses in addressing global environmental challenges.


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