Life’s Beauty On Canvas

Life’s Beauty On Canvas

Passion. Devotion.

Probably the two underlying virtues why Mrs. Agnes Macam-Romero came to fulfill a wish.

Painting is one of her childhood dreams. But so many life’s challenges had to be hurdled just to be able to get her thoughts captured on canvas. In retrospection, she considers them as motivation to produce pieces that are so vivid, so realistic, so captivating if not totally mesmerizing.

Just like life itself, the strokes – whether simple or complex, easy or difficult – bring out the best in Mam Agnes. She and the family she grew up in overcome life’s difficulties that once made paints and brushes beyond her reach.

But her passion drove her past the childhood hardships. Belatedly, it may seem, her artworks which she began to develop just 20 years ago have already found homes in many business and corporate headquarters, residences of friends and family, abodes of the rich and famous, government offices including the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC.

Her devotion to art has made her produce some of the hardest types of painting – portraiture, still life, nature and landscape. She has almost perfected a portrait of their own family. No easy feat as she painted the faces of 25 members that includes husband Rene, their children and grandchildren. This, also manifests her devotion to love and inspiration exuded by the family.

Just like the many learnings in life, Mrs. Romero was given lessons by another artist who taught her the rudiments. Remembered and applied, that she did, as she pursued not just with her hobby but in creating beautiful art pieces that evokes inspirations.

This has dignified her not with their status in life but with simple passion and devotion.


The painting exhibit being staged by the City of San Fernando’s City Tourism Office starting today, May 15 until May 22 at SM Pampanga, is so aptly titled -- “Portraits of Life, A Vibrance of Curves and Shades”.

It would display 20 of her best creations. Her productions in still life and portraiture revolves on life’s beauty such as nature, community living and the daily chores, the daily routines, the settlements. She brings to life and to excitement what other people already treat as mundane.

I have seen her creations on display at their home and I can only remember how I got amazed by some of them that are almost photographic in appearance. So real. So full of life.

Ahhh, Mrs. Romero’s portrait paintings are such a beauty too.

That portrait of their whole family might probably be one of the hardest pieces one artist could ever paint. We are talking about not just one, not just about two, and not even 10! There are 25 faces of them tediously, carefully, masterfully painted on one canvas.

The works of Mrs. Romero will also feature large portraits of some friends and famous people who entrusted her to come up with their likenesses. And I believe she did not disappoint her. In fact, CSFP Mayor Vilma Caluag, I heard, is putting on display that life size portrait that Mrs. Romero made for her. This manifests how proud and satisfied the good lady mayor of what Mrs. Romero made for her.


Mam Agnes regularly paints in her studio at Residencia Romero, their humble abode. Husband Rene has always been so supportive of her, her passion, her hobby.

“Her paintings are more than a fulfillment of her passion. They also symbolize women empowerment as her artworks could be seen to bring messages of unity, of hope and of harmony in the family and community,” said Mr. Romero.

This exhibit at SM Pampanga, organized by the pretty and city’s gem of a worker Ching Pangilinan, is like a “coming out party” for Mam Agnes.

Prior to this very first solo exhibit, she was invited to join an exhibit by a group of some local artists. Staged also by the industrious city tourism officer, Mrs. Romero had some of her mother and child paintings on display then.

After so many years, Mrs. Romero is now bringing her life’s work to public view. She is sharing not just her artworks but is also sharing the beauty of life as depicted on showpieces.

“Painting has long been part of my life and perhaps it is about time to let other people see what i have created. They were heartfully done from inspirations like my family and blessings we have,” Mam Agnes said.


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