Paolo Valenciano opens up about parenthood

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BEING a parent for the first time can be daunting. It is common for new parents to experience a wide array of emotions from excitement to worry and fear as this new phase in life comes with many changes and unexpected encounters.

When Paolo Valenciano first found out he was going to be a dad to a baby girl, he cried out of overwhelming joy. “I’ve always wanted a daughter first. For some reason, I felt like I would connect with her more. So, when Sam told me [that we were having a girl] I broke down,” he recalls.

The couple welcomed Nataleia Martine Valenciano in November 2016 and in the last four years, have experienced many changes in their lives as first-time parents. “I felt like I was floating,” shares Paolo. “Before Leia was born, Sam and I would always sleep in when we had no work. That was all gone after. We barely slept!” The first-time dad also confessed he would sometimes watch Leia’s breathing, afraid it would suddenly stop.

Like most parents, Paolo and Sam also have their fair share of worries and fears when it comes to their small family. For Sam, two of her biggest fears as a mother are her daughter being pressured to live up to their celebrity family. “My other greatest fear is her dying before us. I can’t really do anything to address this because I think it’s something most parents fear.”

The years raising Leia have been rewarding and enjoyable because of her bright personality. “She is such a wacky character so being her parent is a lot of fun. Leia always makes us laugh.” Paolo hopes he can be like his dad who was a listener and always made him and his siblings feel secure. “My dad always made us feel we can run to him when we need help. I want to be like that for Leia. I want her to always come to me anytime she needs help.”

Being protecting for the future

Paolo is no stranger to living with uncertainty, coming from a family that has dealt with health concerns since he was a child. “You’re always thinking a Sunday lunch or dinner could be the last meal together. You look at life from a completely different perspective.” He said when you’re related to someone with a condition, one thing you are aware of is the cost of living. “It’s not cheap and on a bad day, things can really spiral out of control.”

As a live events director, Paolo said the industry collapsed during the pandemic and it was hard to keep the things afloat for their family. “We need to protect our family. These days, I do whatever I can to make sure they have what they need,” adds Paolo.

Thankfully, AIA Philam Life has a full suite of products that can help Paolo and other Filipino families protect their family from the unexpected.

Protection for all

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Launched in 2019, AIA Critical Protect 100 provides comprehensive protection from 100 critical illnesses, from age 0 to 100. Shortly after, AIA All-In-One was introduced which provides protection against the four major risks in life: total and permanent disability, personal accident, critical illness, and death. To help manage the financial burden of Filipinos on hospitalization expenses, the Company developed AIA Med-Assist.

To further strengthen its Protection Trinity portfolio, AIA Philam Life recently launched AIA Health Cover, a peso-dominated variable life insurance plan gives all-around health and critical illness protection. It provides a full range of health benefits and coverage for concerns anyone may have now or in the future.

With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing much uncertainty in the lives of Filipinos, Paolo emphasized the importance of being secure and protected. “We need to protect our family. These days, I do whatever I can to make sure they have what they need.”

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