Take a gastronomic trip with Luzon’s well-loved dishes: unveiling of the GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Winners

Take a gastronomic trip with Luzon’s well-loved dishes: unveiling of the GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Winners.
Take a gastronomic trip with Luzon’s well-loved dishes: unveiling of the GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Winners.

As the largest and most populous region in the Philippines, Luzon is filled with a treasure trove of gastronomic adventures boasting an impressive culinary scene that beckons food enthusiasts from different corners of the globe. 

The dishes that emerge from the kitchens of this region leave an indelible mark for tourists and locals alike with each sip and bite, a testament to its rich tapestry of flavors that is deeply rooted in its history and traditions. 

Grab users in the region are partaking in this culinary endeavor by narrowing down some of their favorites by choosing the winners for GrabFood’s Fan Faves 2023 Regional Faves category. 

In this article, we will delve into the regional winners, specially handpicked by GrabFood users. We embark on a journey through its unparalleled culinary landscape, unveiling some of Luzon’s winners in GrabFood’s 2023 Regional Fan Faves

La Brent Tea and Cafe 

The chilly yet romantic vibe of Baguio City remains a favorite amongst tourists and its locals. Curl up with a nice hot beverage and indulge in a heartwarming meal at La Brent Tea Cafe, one of this year’s winners of the GrabFoodRegional Fan Faves 2023.

Whether you’re out on a date by yourself or sharing a good meal or two with friends, this cafe has everything down to a tee. For those who are looking for hearty meals on a budget, its combo meal menu offers a wide array of meals to feed the soul. Diners can also enjoy a wide selection of hot and cold beverages such as coffee, milk tea, frappé, fruit tea, and sparkling fruit soda to pair with their meals. 

Hodori Korean Restaurant 

No food trip is complete without visiting Hodori Korean Restaurant, one of the winners of GrabFood Regional Fan Faves 2023. 

Filipinos have developed a keen taste for Korean cuisine and Hodori Korean Restaurant has become a crowd favorite in Luzon.

Offering a delicious variety of Korean meals, from unlimited pork and beef to fresh side dishes, diners are sure to leave the doors of Hodori Korean Restaurant with a full stomach and a smile. The restaurant is known for its one-of-a-kind breakfast buffet that offers a selection of Korean dishes that its patrons can enjoy at an affordable price. 

Ricebox Juicebox 

Satisfy your palate and complete your day with a nice meal paired with a hot or cold drink at Ricebox Juicebox. 

Hailing from Pampanga City, this restaurant has an incredible variety of Filipino dishes such as the Bagoong Rice with Lechon Kawali, Crispy Pork Kare Kare with Rice, Beef Tapa with Egg Rice, Shrimp Sinigang, Pork Liempo Sinigang, and so much more! 

Nothing fills the soul like the savory and rich flavors of Philippine cuisine and Ricebox Juicebox delivers nothing short of an unparalleled culinary experience. As one of the winners of GrabFoodRegional Fan Faves 2023, Ricebox Juicebox has cemented itself as a culinary gem and a favorite to GrabFood users. 

These GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Regional Faves winners have earned the title of being the leaders in their respective regions and are always ready to take on deliveries, eager to serve its loyal GrabFood users the best of what it has to offer.

Get on the GrabFood app and treat yourselves today! Learn more about GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners by visiting https://grabfanfaves.com/. (CONTENT PARTNERSHIP)


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