Manipulating a big hoax

Manipulating a big hoax

AGAIN, the lotto system is on the spotlight following an inquiry of some suspicious senators who could not believe that the very huge lotto prizes could be won within a month

Now, the lotto system is about to be temporarily stopped if these two senators -Villanueva and Tulfo -will be allowed by their fellow senators to file the resolution stopping lotto operations and an investigation be conducted to find out that, indeed, there seemed to be manipulation of the lotto machines which resulted in the snatching/wining of huge prizes, all in a months’ time.

Surprised? Don’t be as this mysterious disappearance of the huge lotto prizes (P600 million plus) has happened before. Remember the one billion lotto prize some years ago? It was reported that a lucky balikbayan won and took away his winnigs overseas! Hah!

Lotto bettors will have a not-so-deserved break with the suspension of the games. Dreamers of winning multi-millins pesos like me will have to wait for the inquiry to be finished and the will be the resumption of the games.

It has been found out that whenever lotto prizes reach the multi million peso mark, the bet is that someone in the government bureaucracy gets to snatch/win and no one among the betting public gets to know who did.

One time, I even wrote PCSO to ask about the identity of the winners of the grand prizes and expectedly I got a reply that the supposed winners’ identity cannot be revealed for security reasons. So there, enough of my curiosity.

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In the meantime, the PCSO hopes that the inquiry and subsequent suspensions of the games will not push through as it relies on the bets to fulfill mandatory obligations of the charitable projects.

The PCSO is one agency which contributes largely to the government’s various doleouts and charitable programs. It will be a big loss to the beneficiaries of the programs if the supension materializes.

There are other schemes which the government can delve into to get extra income for charitable projects but this lotto outrage is not one of them.


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