Mary: “News will shock humanity, coming from the Church of My Divine Son”

Mary:  “News will shock humanity, coming from the Church of My Divine Son”

In 1967, a nun (identified as Sister N.) started to be visited by her sister who had died elsewhere only a few days before. The exact date was July 30, 1967 when the interaction between Sister N. and the soul commenced, all put on record by the nun in obedience to her father confessor.

What Sister N. learned from the soul was a precious treasure of information about life after earthly death, enough to snuff out fear of death and bolster confidence in and hope for life everlasting.

And, yes, to fortify our faith and perseverance in the prophesied chastisements to befall us all in our times.

Sister N.’s manuscript yielded a booklet titled From Heaven, a Message of Joy in Suffering. It was hailed as truthful and edifying by respected Catholic clergy and was presented to a grateful Pope Paul VI who is now a saint. Expectedly, the publication, which came out in 1974, was readily stamped with Imprimatur from Archbishop Pacifico Perentoni of Lanciano and Bishop of Ortona in Italy and Nihil Obstat from Fr. Constatinus Koser OFM.

I am sharing excerpts from the conversations between Sister N. and the soul as published in the booklet.. Let me start from Aug. 15, 1967 when the soul announced she had just entered Heaven (from Purgatory).

Soul: “ I have entered Heaven just this moment with our Queen and the whole joyful court of angels and archangels. With me also were father and mother and a deceased friend. I am prostated at the feet of the Holy Trinity, engulfed in an ocean of delights! I am in Heaven for eternity my dear, can you imagine? Oh what a place the Lord has prepared for those who love Him…

“We all shine with eternal youth….

“The sufferings and pains of earth have passed. My tears have become gems on my dress! And you write of the Mercy of God with words of fire and proclaim it to the world. Human eye has not seen and ear has not heard what the Lord has prepared for His chosen ones. Write, write, otherwise you will forget.

“What I am telling you is true. It is true, very true, as it is true that today is Aug. 15, 1967. Whatever I told you so far is true. You have its proof. Believe now what I am telling you. OUt from earthly life, what counts for Heaven are our pains and our tears.”

Sister N. then asked the souls how it was during her last hour on earth.

Soul: “I told you so many times, I had my guardian angel beside me and the Virgin Mary who had often come to dry my tears….I have a beautiful place in Heaven. The delights are spread under our feet.”

Sister N. then asked about her purgatory.

Soul: “My purgatory, as I told you, was a pre-purgatory, that is, a purgatory of desire which I myself wished to bear and was of short duration….”

Sister N: “Tell me why now am I no longer moved to tears during prayer, while before, I was?”

Soul:” It is not the tears of our eyes which please the Lord but the fire of our hearts. That is. love. Jesus takes everything into account: our sufferings, our pains, our tears, temptations that were overcome with an act of resignation and trust in Him, and He rewards all with great glory….”

On Sept. 3, 1967, the soul said: “If all the men of earth could see the delights of this heavenly kingdom, all of humanity, both good and bad, would desire to die at once to possess them.”

Sister N. then asked what accounting Jesus sought after the soul first encounter His presence.

Soul: “ No calculation whatsoever…Jesus does not need mathematics…He just asked me if I loved Him.”


Meanwhile, the Blessed Mother again issued another message via third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on Jan. 20, 2024. The Blessed Mother cites remedies for more diseases surging and those still to spread, but it should be noted that in her previous messages, as well as in a message from Our Lord Jesus Himself, other remedies readily available in the Philippines, such as raw garlic and moringa, known locally as maluggay, were also cited as means to strengthen our immunity.

Here’ the message last Jan. 20:

“Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I intercede for each one of you at this singular moment for humanity.

“I come to invite you to remain on alert: turmoil is growing and the winds of war are intensifying, with more countries joining this scenario of pain for humanity.

“My children, do not be indifferent to what is happening, which will spread to the whole Earth in one way or another. War brings pain, hunger, death, desolation, illness, injustice, ingratitude and more.

“Disease is progressing and again my children are threatened by disease. Use the Good Samaritan Oil, the pineapple recipe, and each of you should increase your body's defenses: take vitamin C.

“Little children, do not attend crowded places; there are people who are sick at this moment and who allow disease to progress by refusing to acknowledge that they are sick.

“Rough seas will flood beaches and neighboring towns: be cautious, little children, be cautious.

“Pray, My children, pray for Chile, Colombia and Argentina: they will be shaken.

“Pray, My children, pray for California: nature will bring moments of anguish.

“Pray, My children, pray for Indonesia: it will be shaken.

“Pray, My children, pray for Mexico: its ground will be forcefully moved.

“Pray, My children, pray for Japan, pray for England: war will affect them.

“Children, continue constantly changing your lives, becoming more spiritual, growing in love, charity, understanding and knowing My Divine Son better in Holy Scripture so as not to be deceived.

“Keep my Divine Son company in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar; adore Him, attend the celebration of the Eucharist and receive My Divine Son having confessed beforehand.


“Discern, little children; know My Son so that you may recognize Him in works and deeds. Be loving: it is more difficult for those who are not loving to have a heart of flesh.

“Pay attention to news that will shock humanity, coming from the Church of My Divine Son.

“Be constant in your life, in your works and deeds; be creatures of good - do not spread poison wherever you go, do not allow the evil one to possess you.

“I carry you in My Immaculate Heart; I love you.”


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