Oca still refuses to become social fence sitter

Oca still refuses to become social fence sitter

Oca Rodriguez is a man who has never been one to shy away from a challenge. From his humble beginnings in Santa Ana, Pampanga to his illustrious career as a lawyer, congressman, and mayor, Oca has always fought for what he believes is right and just. And now, even in his retirement from politics, he continues to champion causes that are close to his heart.

His latest pursuit, the Foundation for Responsible Citizenship (FRC), is proof to Oca's commitment to promote good governance and responsible leadership in the Philippines.

As the founding chairman of FRC, Oca vows to spend his strength to work tirelessly in educating the youth and the electorate on the importance of choosing leaders based on qualifications, rather than financial backing.

Oca's decision to step back into the limelight and take on this new role mirrors his belief that real change can only come from the people.

He understands that true reform cannot be achieved by politicians alone, but rather through the collective efforts of both the elected and the electorate.

The FRC's mission is clear: to empower the citizens of the Philippines to become responsible voters who will elect officials based on their merits and not on the amount of money they receive.

Through symposia, modules, and educational initiatives, Oca and the FRC aim to enlighten the public on the benefits of responsible citizenship and good governance.

At the core of Oca's mission is a deep-seated belief in the power of the people to effect change. He has seen firsthand the impact that individuals can have when they come together for a common cause, whether it be fighting against poverty, oppression, or tyranny. And now, he is harnessing that same spirit of unity and activism to pave the way for a brighter future for the Philippines.

Oca's journey from poverty to prominence is one for the books (in fact many books have been written about it.) It was his experiences that formed his character to be resilient and determined.

He has faced adversity head-on and refused to let it define him. Instead, he has used his own success to uplift others and fight for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed.

In a time when the political landscape is fraught with corruption and divisiveness, Oca stands up, right at forefront of the fight for those that the wheel of injustice has rolled upon.

His commitment to fighting for what is right and just, even in the face of overwhelming odds, serves as a reminder that change is possible, as long as we are willing to stand up and be counted.

As Oca continues to chart a course for the future, one thing is clear: he will never be a fence-sitter. He will always be at the center ring, ready to fight for what he believes in, no matter how bloodied and bruised he may be.

And with the Foundation for Responsible Citizenship by his side, he is confident that a better Philippines is within reach, as long as the people are willing to stand together and demand it.


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