A dangerous triad and alliance

A dangerous triad and alliance

THE RECENT visit of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, another tyrant, is a solid proof that indeed these two, including China’s Xi Jin-ping, are out to show the world that they can rule the world with impunity.

It is alarming, nay, frightening that these three tyrants get together to plan the destruction of the world via unclear weapons.

They share the same ideology and passion to show the West and allies that they are powerful and can match the power of their Western counterparts.

The United States and allies-the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France and members of NATO should be extremely alert and sharp to countermand any and all invasive plans of Russia and its cohorts in order to prevent any uprising.

Waiting in the sidelines are two of the world’s treacherous countries-Iran and Afghanistan. They should not be given any reason to enter the fray, at all costs.

The world is already beset with disasters-Morocco has several deaths due to the strong earthquake which devastated the country and Libya which suffered massive flooding which caused thousands of lost lives.

The developed countries are faced with the real threats of climate change and despite several summits-COP 28, G7, G20, Asean-nothing concrete and decisive has been reported coming out of their summits and conferences.

What to do now? The clock is ticking towards more destructive events and these nations have shown no decisive actions to combat the impending threats.

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As it is, there is still peace and order in this world. We would like to keep it this way, for the sake of our children.

We would not like any nation to start confrontations which could start a world war..

The alignment of forces will see the three tyrants and possible cohorts against the civilized western forces. The match will pit the forces of evil against the plain-thinking nations and the end results would either be beneficial or destructive.


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