Assimilating Artificial Intelligence

BY NOW, business owners, technocrats and information technology adherents and practitioners have the basic informaation about artificial intelligence.

Even the national leadership headed by President Ferdinand R. Marcos,Jr.,have taken notice of the impact of artificial intelligence on our everyday living and forthwith he cautioned against too much dependence on this new technology without applicable laws regulating it.

Thus, even the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has recognized the need to regulate it and put in place the necessary policies and ensure that these are inclusive, gender-sensitive and ethical as sounded by columnist Anna Mae Lamentillo.

Ms. Lamentillo wrote that artificial intelligence has been changing the way we do things. It is starting to revolutionize how we manage businesses.

She adds that it is enabling doctors and hospitals to better analyze patients’ health data. It is helping improve students’ learning experience based on their needs. Governments can better design policies and make better decisions through AI.

Some sectors are still skeptical about the benefits and advantages of Artificial Intelligence. They say that more jobs will be lost as this replaces them in the workplace. Machines take over where humans used to dominate multiple positions.

Specifically, the artificial intelligence chatbot, CHATGPT, has become popular with its ability to give detailed reactions on many cases of knowledge. Further, it can also cause content creation, data analysis and code generation, these being helpful tools for many organizations.

Ms. Lamentillo concludes her piece thus: AI is a promising technology, as it has been improving the way we do things: smart responses to emails, searches, navigating cities with real time traffic updates and performing tasks through voice commands, face recognition and such other functions.

We have to admit that artificial intelligence will soon play a bigger part in our daily existence.

But we have to be cautious about its true uses and not be too trusting of this new discovery.


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