Blessed Mother to appear in skies “when the war is at its worst”

Agents of evil are quite busy on the internet. Genuine messages from Catholic mystics continue to be disheveled on YouTube by new channels which cite them, but adding specific dates on prophecies. If one of them were to be believed, more than half of mankind would have been obliterated last April, and yet another has come out with a warning of yet a new deadline for a major life-blasting catastrophe by the end of May.

Truth is, no credible Catholic mystic has given specific dates for dire prophecies. Hints, yes, as when the Garabandal visionaries said that when a pope visits Moscow (no pontiff has ever gone to the Russian capital so far), Europe would be in turmoil soon after his return.

With the devil and his minions now reportedly in a last ditch effort to reap as many souls to take with them to hell (our mystics assure us it is not only a state of being but also a place), I sometimes feel an evil being has been assigned to mess up with my task of spreading the end-time messages from the mystics. But I am not giving this any importance and let prayers handle the matter. Needless to say, I'd appreciate even a short prayer from readers.

But rush we must in relaying the messages which continue to pour from Heaven. There now seems to be a rush, an urgency, a dire precipitation.

Again, Third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla quoted the Blessed Mother as having told her on April 29, 2023 as follows.

“Beloved children of my Heart, receive the blessings of the Father’s House. My Heart remains with you. This generation has succeeded in making humanity live in captivity to the desires of evil. Prepare yourselves to face the disasters that nature will bring upon the human race . You will see me in the firmament throughout the earth!

“”Do not be afraid of being deceived... It will be I, your Mother, who, in search of my children, will call you in one way or another. This is the sign that I remain with the children of my Divine Son, so that you will not be confused: I will carry a golden rosary in my hand and will kiss the crucifix with great reverence. You will see me crowned by the Holy Spirit under the title of Queen and Mother of the End Times.

“This apparition of mine will occur when the war is at its worst. Have faith: do not fear, I am with you by Divine Will. You are my great treasure. Commit yourselves to change: be wise, without waiting for a sign to convert. There are already too many signs telling you to change your lives now! You have built a great Tower of Babel out of technology, which the human creature can use for good or evil. Stay away from the temptations presented to you by this tool, and use it for spreading the Word of my Divine Son.

“My beloved ones, the wave of attacks between Ukraine and Russia is not ended. China and the United States continue to be in conflict, which will be joined by other countries. Israel and Palestine continue their conflicts, not to mention others. The spiritual life of my children is empty...

“Pray, children, pray that all humanity would convert.

“Pray children, pray that you would possess the discernment given to you by the Holy Spirit.

“Pray children, pray, pray, the sun will hurl a great storm towards the Earth.

“Children of my Heart, be true: the Father’s House is allowing animals and the climate to warn you through abnormal behavior. Show foresight: a plague of rats is coming to several countries. I bless you; I love you.”

Yes, of all current Catholic mystics, Luz de Maria seems to be the chosen vessel to relay to mankind the direst warnings in these “end times” (not the end of the world yet, mystics insist).

More recently, on May 9, 2023, she also received the following message from the Blessed Mother.

“Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart: With my love I bless you in order that my love would remain present in each one of you. My children are distinguished by being love themselves, being goodness and wanting it for their brothers and sisters. In this month which you especially dedicate to this Mother and in which you pray the Holy Rosary, I want you to offer up on May 13:

“Prayer for those of my children who do not adore my Divine Son. Offer the Holy Rosary for those who break into the lives of my little children and teach them to become attached to demonic practices and to forget and deny my Divine Son. These human beings will be severely punished.

“You are living in constant change. Natural disasters occur one after another, and yet you do not understand that these are signs and signals that serve as a reminder to convert. What is happening to humanity at this time? My Divine Son is mostly forgotten. What is Divine is denied, and it is believed that what is good is man’s work and that whatever bad happens in the life of man or among the peoples is God’s fault.

“The human race is unpredictable, constantly going back and forth in search of what is believed to be safer, more certain; and yet you do not possess knowledge of the Divine Word and neither are you spiritual, therefore you lack discernment. You go from one place to another trying to find what you will not find until you look at yourselves and see my Divine Son in everything and everyone. The battle against evil is ongoing at the moment , and my children are tempted again and again without a [spiritual] reaction on their part.

“Pray, my children and continue to fulfill God’s Law.

“Pray, my children, receive the Holy Eucharist, pray and make reparation.

“Pray, my children, and ask for the grace to feel the love of my Motherhood, resisting evil without falling.

“Pray, my children, as part of my Marian army, fighting with love, with faith, with hope, and with charity, united with St. Michael the Archangel and his heavenly legions and my beloved Angel of Peace; I am carrying out the Divine Order to crush the infernal serpent and his legions.

“Pray, my children, the children of my Divine Son are my children; I warn you of a heavenly body approaching the earth.

“Faith is tested and this Mother is warning you in order that you would pray with faith, with hope, and with the assurance that you are protected by the Divine Hand. Keep in mind that during an unusual synod, you will receive a sign from heaven, a harbinger of the approaching Warning. Be fearless, be creatures of good, assured that with faith all things are possible. If you remain in faith (which seems impossible in your eyes), the unified faith of each one of my children will work great miracles.

“Offer yourselves for so many souls who live in darkness, in spiritual ruin and spiritual denial. Be love so that you would be inundated with Divine Love. I hold you within my motherly Heart. I bless you and call you to be spokespersons for this call of mine. I invite you to call upon me when danger threatens: Hail Mary, hail Mary, hail Mary!

“Take refuge in my Heart, grow within my womb, and know my Divine Son by my motherly hand.”


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