Blessed Mother to stigmatist: 'Forces of nature are acting, will act more intensely'

The wonderful thing about Catholicism is that it is not short of data on the afterlife...that there is an afterlife. That’s reassuring enough, but the Church’s history is also not lacking on accounts of how it is after death.

I have cited in this column the case of Austrian Maria Simma who, in her lifetime, had more souls from Purgatory than living neighbors as visitors in her small house. She was a rich source of the goings on in the next life which is in the realm of eternity.

From Maria Simma, rather from a soul who had visited her, we learn that Hollywood actress Marlyn Monroe is in Heaven. Shocked? Another shock from another soul through another mystic: also in heavenly abode is Benito Mussolini, known as Italy’s founder of fascism. But these revelations only remind us of the biblical passage: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

Now I am sharing a few significant excerpts from a book by Fr. Adolf Faroni, SBD (with old fashioned nihil obstat and imprimatur) on what was revealed to yet another mystic (unnamed), also by a soul from Purgatory.

I think the quotes from the soul are significant as they should enlighten us over presumptuousness, assuming we are good enough in the eyes of God for having done this good or that.

The soul from Purgatory revealed as follows:

“The souls of Purgatory are wrapped by a kind of veil, by a hard bark. It is the bark that closes them up in their earthly life: the soul’s ego, the excessive looking after themselves, the world, the thought of oneself and one’s own reputation and all the things which seemed so important. The bark is made of these things and the light of God can hardly penetrate them.

“There are souls who did not seriously ask themselves if their lives were pleasing to God and who without fear, believe that everything is well with them.

“There are people who go to church, they also pray and accomplish good works and yet a bark is formed around their soul.

“They think that all they do is well done. They do not put question about the desires of God, they do everything without love, without fear of the Lord, and dull their conscience by the fulfillment of external duties. If one makes them notice their faults, they fund a justification for everything.

“There are many of these souls in Purgatory, and also down there they are so insensitive to knowledge. Knowledge first comes by degrees. The Divine light gradually penetrates the wrapping and reawakens the soul from their slumbers/

“There are men who in their lifetime had great wisdom and also did great good to humanity, who had used their tongue for all that was good and right. But as all this was done only for their own ambitious wisdom, they have completely plunged into the spirit of the world, living in excessive independence, without entertaining themselves with the Divine Master. These souls reach eternity with the greatest ignorance.”(End of quote.)

Meanwhile, I am also sharing yet another message of the Blessed Mother to third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 29, 2023.

Our Blessed Mother said:

“My beloved children, I hold you in My Heart.

“My word is urgent...Nourish faith and love for My Divine Son...Nourish the desire to remain in a state of Grace and to receive My Divine Son in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, prepared beforehand.

“Be closer to My Divine Son than to the things of the world. You know that sin abounds in this generation that rejects whatever is not to its liking and whatever limits its excessive licentiousness - without God, without values and without morals.

“The value of the gift of life is hated by the Devil, therefore I ask you to remain on alert. The Devil hates the institution of the family as he hates innocence and hates the human race. The Devil does not abandon his plans: he always continues forward to crush God’s children.

“Beloved children: What is happening at this time is planned by the devil in order to crush humanity, to steal souls so that they would be lost.

“The Devil is lashing out forcefully against humanity, presenting an attractive scenario, while behind the curtain the real scene is a totally different one:

“Behind the scenario that he is presenting to you lie captivity, pain, slaughter, total control, the renunciation of my Divine Son, persecution and everything evil that you can imagine. The devil has his legions with which he is persecuting the human race.

“Children, do not fear: Who is like God? There is nobody like God!

“With everything that he wants to make you fear, the devil has no more power than God allows him, together with the freedom that each person allows him to take you and lead you to work and act against My Divine Son.

“Do not fear - instead, strengthen your Faith, be convinced that God is the Almighty, the Omnipotent. You must believe it without hesitation, you must hold to the Faith that the Devil cannot do anything if do not want him to. The Devil flees from where you pray the Holy Rosary and flees from creatures who adore My Divine Son.

“Believe in the power of my Divine Son. Believe, believe, believe.

“Children of My Divine Son, you have a half-hearted faith. If Faith is true, strong, convinced and a person is converted, they can be tempted, but not defeated. Such reinforced and unalterable Faith makes miracles possible; it wins the greatest battles, however fierce they may be.

“I will crush the head of Satan, together with my beloved St. Michael the Archangel and the heavenly legions and with you, my children. The Church of my Divine Son will never be overcome by the forces of evil, although it will be tempted.

“Beloved children, the forces of nature are acting and will act more intensely against the human race. There will be devastating earthquakes in some countries around the Earth. As Mother I am protecting you: keep this in mind.

“The sun has changed its temperature, so the earth will receive greater heat and greater storms that will reach the Earth and affect my children at the same time.

“Pray, My children, pray that faith would increase within each one of you. Pray, My children, pray that Faith would be strong within you. Pray, My children, pray that you would not fear, but would be strengthened in Divine Love.

“Pray, My children, pray and be fraternal towards your neighbor. Pray, My children, pray that you would not be overcome by lies.

“ Pray, My children, pray for Mexico. Pray, My children, pray for Chile and Ecuador. Pray, My children, pray for Asia.

“Pray, My children, stay alert: war has not been forgotten. Pray, My children, pray: the disease about which I have warned you will move swiftly.

“Beloved children of My Divine Son, this Mother loves you.

“As the time approaches for the fulfillment of my revelations, evil is attacking the Church of my Divine Son, but my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

“You are accompanied: as a Mother I warn you and carry you in My Heart.”


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