Cervantes: Blessed Mother: 'Do you believe in my apparitions on your earth?'

MORE and more people are developing interest in Marian apparitions, especially the recent ones even if these have yet to be approved by the Catholic church. But I reckon they're not many. Despite the pandemic which, as of the moment, seems to be waning in the Philippines, there has been no substantial spiritual change in the world. Almost all aspire for the way things were before coronavirus, the same reasons being cited in apparitions as triggers for tribulations.

The lack of interest in Marian apparitions, including many that should be sensational by human standards, was most likely the reason why our Blessed Mother emphasized the reason for her worldwide manifestations in her message to mystic Valeria Copponi on October 18, 2021. She said:

"My dear children, I ask you: but do you believe in my apparitions on your earth? In these last times, I am still coming to you to teach you the love and the glory of God. If my Son, together with the Father, permits me to come to you, it is because you absolutely need it.

"Do you not understand that the more your draw far from the love of God, the more the evil one takes possession of your hearts? I am the “Mother” and until your last day I will be near you and will sustain you in the last temptation of the evil one.

"I have appeared all over the world, I have given each of you the possibility to listen to my counsels, but only the smallest part of you have heard me and put into practice my maternal counsels.

"Dear children, I implore you, draw near to the altar often and nourish yourselves with the Body and Blood of Jesus, because only under these conditions will you be able to acquire the strength necessary to overcome the evil one.

"I am there, in your midst. I implore you: pray, offer sacrifices, do penance, and ask Jesus often to forgive all your guilt. But are you not aware that without our help, you are losing all your strength?

"The devil, in this time, is raiding my weakest children in temptations. Be strong. Only by feeding on the Body and Blood of Jesus will you be victorious.

"I am with you in the same way in which I showed myself to the little shepherd children, pure and humble of heart. I love you. Listen to me. Time is drawing short. I greet you with a great embrace around each of you. I love you and protect you." (End of quote.)

While we pray that the coronavirus would indeed wane more and vanish finally, mystics are saying that the propensity of mankind to live on without God would unleash more tribulations in the coming days.

This was what the Blessed Mother told mystic Gisella Cardia on October 12, 2021:

"My children, thank you for being here in prayer and having answered my call in your hearts. My children, do not be afraid: if only you would entrust everything to my Jesus! He is the Doctor of the soul, He is the Only Savior.

"My children, purification is necessary for your souls; you will see wars in the world, you will see viruses, including lethal ones beyond the reach of science and medicine; you will see hurricanes, earthquakes and destruction everywhere. All this will happen because of humanity that wants to change everything through humanism.

"The Church of Rome: her purification will be great. Take refuge in my Immaculate Heart. My children, my children, listen to my words, which are not intended to frighten you, but to prepare you and so that you would be consoled: you are not alone, God blesses you. I, the Merciful Mother, am with you every day: take my hands and I will lead you on the perfect path that leads to the light. I will send My angels to assist you; may your faith be alive and courageous. I love you. Now I bless you in the name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen." (End of quote.)

While it is in our hope and prayers that this Christmas season would see the end of the epidemic, we can't ignore mystics sharing warnings about the consequences of our pandemic actions, specifically concerning vaccines. I have shared the following quotes from mystics, but I am inclined to repeat them as follows.

The Blessed Mother to mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla way back six years ago on October 8, 2015:

"But there are so many human beings, so many men that I hear blame My Son for their diseases, or fatalities in the families, and they blame Him and detest Him even more! This is the hubris that Satan himself instills in souls so they will detest My Son and join the files of Satan who has prepared the stage for the Antichrist. Misused science has penetrated the pharmacological industries so these will dare create vaccines contaminated with viruses so human beings will carry death or diseases with them. My children, why do you feed and continue to feed on the garbage with which the great globalists want to eliminate most of the world population?"

On December 31, 2020, Canadian mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue claimed that no less than God the Father told him:

"Great darkness envelops the world, and now is the time. Satan is going to attack the physical body of My children whom I created in My image and in My likeness. From the beginning, it is through and in the Word that humanity has received and still receives existence. After the original fall of the first couple, only My Beloved Son could give you back, through His sacrifice on the Cross, My likeness, which you had lost. Through living waters that gushed out of His Heart, He let flow the source of the Sacrament that makes you one with Him and with Me. Satan wants to break your bodies, which are the temples of the Holy Spirit: My Spirit of love that dwells in you.

"Satan, through his puppets who rule the world, wants to inoculate you with his venom. He will push his hatred against you to the point of compulsory imposition that will take no account of your freedom. Once again, many of My children who cannot defend themselves will be the martyrs of silence, as was the case for the Holy Innocents. This is what Satan and his henchmen have always done.

"I am warning you, all my faithful and every person of good will, in this solemn octave of My Son’s Nativity on earth. Today, on the blessed Feast of the Divine Motherhood of the Virgin Mary, chosen among all women, the time begins of hostility between her descendants and the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan. Because you are in My Son, Jesus, through His Holy Baptism, you are His lineage, His descendants. You are all children of My daughter, chosen among all women: the Virgin Mary. She is your Mother.

"Small flock, fear not. I will assist you. In due time will come the glory of My Son, Jesus, in view of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of My daughter and of your Blessed Mother Mary!"

May God bless us all.


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