Cervantes: Blessed Mother: These are the end times, (but) not the end of the world

Cervantes: Blessed Mother: These are the end times, (but) not the end of the world

RECENT messages from Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother are in the tone of parents issuing their final words before their child leaves for war. They convey a sense of proximate urgency; indeed, of the nearness of the prophesied Great Tribulation.

Note that in her recent missives, the Blessed Mother referred to "long years" of trials ahead for mankind, an explicit declaration that the tribulation will not happen in one fell swoop.

In her message to third-degree Augustinian mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla on Sept. 25, 2023, Our Blessed Mother again mentioned the need to prepare blessed grapes in the face of a famine. This wasn't the first time that such means of preparation was mentioned. (Indeed, Our Lord Jesus, in His Divine Wisdom, has been known to make use of material measures to work out miracles).

I am sharing the Blessed Mother's latest message thru Luz, plus the latter's commentary. In the next column, I shall tackle revelations on how to prepare and use blessed grapes.

The Blessed Mother's message to Luz on September 25, 2023:

"Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I come to you to give My love to those who wish to receive it.

"As the Mother of Humanity, I alert you to the fulfillment of the Revelations that My Divine Son has revealed to you and those that this Mother has revealed to you, as well as the revelations of My Beloved St. Michael the Archangel.

"I want all my children to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.

"Humanity has entered into spiritual confusion, because you go from one place to another seeking to know more and more about what the Father's House is revealing to you. You look so much that you end up knowing nothing!

"This is the downfall of souls who think they know everything and know nothing; they will be the ones who will suffer the most when they feel abandoned, even though I have not abandoned them.

"Children of my heart, these are the end times, not the end of the world and although there are events yet to happen, the events are unfolding slowly, one after another, until the moment arrives when they will happen one on the heels of another and this will mean great chaos for humanity...

"Ah, little children, faith is lacking within you, faith is lacking. You are approaching moments when you will see a sign in the sky– not the one prior to the Great Warning but prior to a serious event on earth.

"An event will occur that will leave human creatures astonished. A religious leader will die by unjust hands, unleashing worldwide astonishment.

"Beloved children, as Mother, My Heart is bleeding at the offenses of this generation towards My Divine Son and for those that will soon come to light. I grieve over so much disregard for the gift of life.

"I intercede for each one of you; I interede before my Divine Son at all times, for you are all my childen.

"Pray, My children, pray for Austria, it will suffer due to nature, especially water.

"Pray, children: pray for Turkey, little children, pray promptly. Pray, children, pray for Guatemala, its soil will shake, activating its volcanoes. Pray children, Mexico is in danger, its soil will shake; Puebla will suffer. Pray children, pray for Costa Rica, it will be shaken. Pray children, pray for Argentina, chaos is coming.

"Children of My Immaculate Heart, adore My Divine Son present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

"Pray the Holy Rosary, intercede for your brothers and sisters.

"The planned famine is one of the scourges of this generation and one of the fiercest for My children. Millions will suffer from this evil and will be brought down by it, if my call to prepare the blessed grapes and let them serve as food is not heeded.

"Children, share the blessed grapes with those who do not have the means to acquire them. Share this blessing with other brothers and sisters; they will be multiplied for you in this way, but do so now, before hunger and prices increase.

"In countries where it is not easy to acquire grapes, you may have access to another fruit similar in consistency to this one: use the same preparation as for the grapes.

"Faith is essential in everything and even more so in using the medicines that Heaven has recommended to you as well as in preparing blessed grapes.

"Increase your faith, remaining closer to my Divine Son; keep Him in mind at all times every and place within Him the works and continuous actions of each day, so that constant dialogue with my Divine Son may lead you to belong to Him and not to worldly things.

"My children, sins have exceeded the limits...Shame has become a distant thing for My children...Envy is swarming everywhere, causing evil...

"My children need to love as my Son loves them; you need to be creatures of good and spread the good seed in order to bear good fruit.

"Children, I see again how on various continents some places are burning due to fire, and the smoke spreads to other places, making it seem that the fire has spread more than is really the case.

"Little by little, everything will return to apparent normality and my children will leave their homes, where they have had to stay, noticing as they come out that the air carries something unnatural with it, and sickness will take hold of my children for a few days. Although you will experience commotion everywhere, my Son will send new, clean winds, with greater strength, so that what has been done may depart and so that you may breathe freely.

"My children, prepare yourselves spiritually! I will not tire of calling you to spiritual conversion.

"I love you, children.I bless you.I protect you." (End of quote.)

Here is the commentary of Luz de Maria:

"Brothers and sisters, at the conclusion of Our Blessed Mother's message, she indicated to me: 'My beloved daughter, I want you to express what I have let you feel during this urgent call to my children.'

"Our Blessed Mother gave me the grace to feel the urgent need for us to pray as brothers and sisters in faith.

"She mentioned to me that as children of God, we need to pray with tranquility, with patience and with love. Prayer is a spiritual feeling that makes us aware that the Most Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother receive our prayers; and these prayers must be imbued with all our desire to intercede for our brothers and sisters as well as for ourselves.

"Prayer means having the necessary time to be alone with God. For example, we can do several novenas, but it is necessary to be aware that every prayer is received by the Most Holy Trinity, and we cannot address the Trinity in a hurried way, because such prayers are not prayers but obligations.

"Being free to pray, having time to pray means wanting to be closer to the Most Holy Trinity and to Our Blessed Mother. To entrust ourselves to the heavenly legions is an infinite blessing that we count on; and we cannot go through our lives without prayer bearing fruits of eternal life.

"How much has humanity been spared through prayer?

"At this time in which humanity is living, it is even more urgent to be aware that in order to pray we must enter our inner chamber, close the door and be alone with God."


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