Cervantes: Dire prophecies the Blessed Mother wants revealed to all

SUPERNATURAL communications are aplenty most especially now, but the same messages were already being told us earlier, such as in the 1950s in the case of Blessed Elena Aiello.

I felt some hesitation in sharing the following messages which are largely terrifying prophecies (please be forewarned now), but the messages also came with a mandate from the Blessed Mother to make them known. And so with a feeling of exhaustion, I yield.

Background: Elena Aiello (10 April 1895 – 19 June 1961) was an Italian Roman Catholic nun and the founder of the Minim Sisters of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In April 2011, Pope Benedict XVI okayed the beatification of Venerable Elena Aiello. She was declared Blessed on September 14, 2011, in Piazza dei Bruzi in Cosenza, Italy.

Now here's the prophecy given to her by the Blessed Mother on Good Friday, April 16, 1954:

"Listen attentively, and REVEAL TO ALL:

"My Heart is sad for so many sufferings in an impending world in ruin. The justice of Our Father is most offended. Men live in their obstinacy of sin. The wrath of God is near. Soon the world will be afflicted with great calamities, bloody revolutions, frightful hurricanes, and the overflowing of streams and the seas’.

"Cry out until the priests of God lend their ears to my voice, to advise men that the time is near at hand, and if men do not return to God with prayers and penances, the world will be overturned in a new and more terrible war. Arms most deadly will destroy peoples and nations! The dictators of the earth, specimens infernal, will demolish the churches and desecrate the Holy Eucharist and will destroy things most dear. In this impious war, much will be destroyed of that which has been built by the hands of man.’

"Clouds with lightning flashes of fire in the sky and a tempest of fire shall fall upon the world. This terrible scourge, never before seen in the history of humanity, will last seventy hours. Godless persons will be crushed and wiped out. Many will be lost because they remain in their obstinacy of sin. Then shall be seen the power of light over the power of darkness.

"Be not silent, my daughter, because the hours of darkness, of abandonment, are near. I am bending over the world, holding in suspension the justice of God. Otherwise, these things would already have now come to pass. Prayers and penances are necessary because men must return to God and to My Immaculate Heart—the Mediatrix of men to God, and thus the world will be at least in part saved.

"Cry out these things to all, like the very echo of my voice. Let this be known to all because it will help save many souls and prevent much destruction in the Church and in the world."

In another message of April 8, 1955, the Blessed Mother, with tears flowing, said:

"My daughter, it is thy Mother speaking to thee, listen attentively, and make known all that I tell thee, because men, in spite of repeated warnings, are not returning to God. They refuse grace and are not listening to my voice. You must have no doubt about what I am making known to you, because my words are very clear, and you must transmit them to all.

"Dark and frightful days are approaching. Mankind is obscured by a thick fog, as a result of the many grievous sins, which are well nigh covering the whole earth. Today, more than ever, men are, resisting the calls from Heaven, and are blaspheming God, while wallowing in the mire of sin.

"My daughter, look upon my Heart pierced by the thorns of so many sins; my face, disfigured by sorrow; my eyes, filled with tears. The cause of such great sadness is the sight of so many souls going to Hell, and because the Church is wounded – inwardly and outwardly.

"The rulers of nations make so much ado and speak of peace. But instead, the whole world will soon be at war, and all mankind will be plunged into sorrow, because the justice of God will not be delayed in fulfilling its course, and these events are near. Tremendous will be the upheaval of the whole world, because men — as at the time of the Deluge — have lost God’s way, and are ruled by the spirit of Satan.

"Priests must unite by prayers and penance. They must hasten to spread the devotion to the Two Hearts. The hour of my triumph is close at hand. The victory will be accomplished through the love and mercy of the Heart of My Son, and of My Immaculate Heart the Mediatrix between men and God, By accepting this invitation, and by uniting their tears to those of My Sorrowful Heart, priests and religious will obtain great graces for the salvation of poor sinners.

"Launch forth into the world a message to make known to all that the scourge is at hand, The justice of God is weighing upon the world. Mankind, defiled in the mire, soon will be washed in its own blood, by disease; by famine; by earthquakes; by cloudbursts, tornadoes, floods, and terrible storms; and by war. But men ignore all these warnings, and are unwilling to be convinced that my tears are plain signs to serve notice that tragic events are hanging over the world, and that the hours of great trials are at hand.

"If men do not amend their ways, a terrifying scourge of fire will come down from Heaven upon all the nations of the world, and men will be punished according to the debts contracted with Divine justice. There will be frightful moments for all, because Heaven will be joined with the earth, and all the ungodly people will be destroyed, Some nations will be purified while others will disappear entirely.

"You are to transmit these warnings to all, in order that the new generation will know that men had been warned in time to turn to God by doing penance, and thus could have avoided these punishments."

When Blessed Elena asked when these prophecies would happen, the Blessed Mother replied:

"My daughter, the time is not far off. When men least expect it, the course of Divine Justice will be accomplished."


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