Cervantes: Jesus Christ and the question of UFOs, extraterrestrials

SATAN has unleashed the full force of hell, his minions ever more active in earthly skies as... surprise... UFOs?

Some respected Catholic thinkers take UFOs spiritually, pointing out that such strange flying objects defy the laws of nature. Their contention is that UFOs are diabolical as believers in the extraterrestrial would tend to question God in the light of purported highly intelligent beings beyond biblical periphery...Thus observed world-renowned Catholic thinker, Prof Daniel O’Connor, noting that; "The current Vatican astronomer, Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti, tragically goes even further (on the UFO phenomenon), claiming that discovering alien civilizations will require us to conduct a 'rereading of the Gospel in light of the new data.' He is far from alone in the Vatican in believing in aliens who will, or may, require us to completely 'reread' our Faith and fundamentally change our theology.

But O'Connor further said: "Can you not see how diabolical this is? There are no aliens. But I do not doubt that the Antichrist or his forerunners will try to convince us that there are — and that, conveniently, he has contact with them (and maybe even can 'show them' to us) — and through this 'contact' he will strive to compel us to 'reread' our Faith, thus emptying it of its power, as St. Paul prophesied for these times. Have nothing to do with it."

But let's go to no less than Jesus Christ in HIS words to Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta. Our Lord said:

"Maria, now I will take your hand to lead you to the most obscure point in John’s book. The annotators of it have exhausted their capacity in many deductions to explain to themselves and to the multitudes who the ‘great Babylon’ is. With a human view, to which the jolts left by desired events or by events taking place were not unconnected, they have given the name of Babylon to many things.

“But how is it that they have never considered that the ‘great Babylon’ is the whole Earth? I would be a very small and limited God the Creator if I had created only the Earth as an inhabited world! With a beat of My will I have brought forth worlds upon worlds from nothing and cast them as luminous fine dust into the immensity of the firmament.

“The Earth, about which you are so proud and fierce, is nothing but one of the bits of fine dust rotating in unboundedness, and not the biggest one. It is certainly the most corrupt one, though. Lives upon lives are teeming in the millions of worlds which are the joy of your gaze on peaceful nights, and the perfection of God will appear to you when, with the intellectual sight of your spirits rejoined to God, you are able to see the wonders of those worlds.” (End of quote.)

Here, Our Lord says that the earth is "the most corrupt one," the implication being that there are other less corrupt worlds in the universe where "lives upon lives are teeming in the millions of worlds." Note, however, that this does not necessarily mean there are rational beings on planets unknown to us. Corruptible living beings, such as microbes or plants or brutes in other heavenly bodies, can exist in other parts of the universe and this seems to be the implication in the message to Valtorta. But to earthlines belong the exclusivity of intellect and will, of the spiritual soul, since the time of Adam and Eve.

Reasonable conclusion: UFOs are not from other planets which are material and subject to physics of the universe. They behave outside the laws of nature and could only be from the realm of the spiritual. It is even possible that, while many contend that UFOs are satanic, some could be from Heaven amid the spiritual battle now being fought between good and evil in our apocalyptic times.

Meanwhile, I am sharing another important message from Our Lord Jesus through mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla last June 18 as follows:

"My people, My beloved people: Receive My Peace, so necessary for all humanity.

You continue to be like sheep without a shepherd...

"You pass by without listening to My voice. You do not recognize Me, and those who recognize Me do not listen to Me. There are so few who love and obey Me.

"I call you to urgent conversion! . Evil is relentlessly stalking you with the aim of harming My children and destroying them, so you must be love as I am Love.

"Evil has seriously poisoned by people; it has poisoned your minds, your thinking, words and hearts in order that your works and actions would be harmful. This is why I am purifying you and allowing the Purification. However, My children are carrying on without changing into new people, continuing to forget that the wheat grows together with the tares and will go on doing so.

"Go forward carefully. My Law will be declared invalid and My Church will accept the demons’ requests, rejecting Me. How much suffering awaits you!

"Within My People, a small number of people continually ask Me that the WARNING WOULD COME SOON, AND SO IT WILL BE, which is why I am constantly purifying you and making haste to mold you.

"There are so many among those who call themselves My children who, despite knowing when the Signs and Signals are telling them of the arrival of everything that they have awaited for so long, continue denying My Designs...

"The signs and signals that I allow so that you would convert are dismissed by heretics who want my faithful ones to be condemned.

"My people: My faithful St. Michael the Archangel called you to the World Day of Prayer in view of the immediate need for My children to convert.

"The response to this call has been that of a people who love their Lord and God. The devotion of a great number of My children to this call keeps My Mercy pouring over all human beings. May the thirst of those who are thirsty be quenched, may those who hunger be fed, may those who suffer spiritually be healed of that suffering, may those who have not converted feel the call, may those who are troubled find peace. I offer Myself: the response depends on each one of you.

"This is my response to My people's attention to the call of My beloved St. Michael the Archangel. My celestial legions are waiting for the invocation of My people, especially at this moment, to protect them at all times.

"Continue in union with the true Magisterium of My Church.

"Pray My children, pray that My children might be satisfied by this time of spiritual milk and honey. Pray My children, pray for your brothers and sisters, for those who will soon suffer. Pray My children, pray that sickness would pass you by. Pray My children, pray, the earth will be forcefully shaken; the South will be purified.

"My People: For every human being, meekness and responding to the appeals of My house mean protection and special blessing.

"I bless you. I love you."

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