Cervantes: Jesus: “Each day you are given is a day of preparation”

That the prophesied Antichrist (with the capital letter) will rise in our days seemed to have been affirmed in a recently disclosed letter of the late Pope Benedict XVI.

The letter, written in 2015 two years after he resigned from the papacy, said:

“As one sees the power of Antichrist spreading, one can only pray that the Lord will give us mighty shepherds to defend His Church against the power of evil in this hour of need.”

The letter was addressed to Vladimir Palko, a mathematician and retired statesman who, out of prudence, decided to keep the letter’s content a secret until the death of the then Pope Emeritus.

Benedict XVI’s statement carries apocalyptic weight, since it minced no words confirming the existence of the Antichrist in our days (as against so-called antichrists through mankind’s history).

This reminds us of what St. Pope John Paul II said during the Eucharistic Congress in the US in 1976, when he noted:

“We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the Gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist.” (End of quote.)

Details on how it will be during the reign of the Antichrist were disclosed to American mystic Jennifer, whose priest-adviser asked her not to disclose her full name publicly for the privacy of her family.

(Note: The term antichrist in the recorded messages through Jennifer is not capitalized, although the content of the messages leaves no doubt on his personality.)

Here are dated messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Jennifer.

Dec. 16, 2003: “...that is why it is important that you stay awake and be on guard for the coming of the antichrist is near.”

Dec. 25, 2023: “My people, the hour is drawing closer and these messages are to help guide you through these events that are about to unfold. You have begun to see the division in My Church, for too many of My chosen sons have fallen to the ways of the world... You will see countries that have enormous power fall into ruins and the rise of the antichrist. My people, prophets foretold you the coming of the Messiah. My messengers all around this world are writing these messages to help prepare you for the awakening you will endure. My people, do not become lukewarm to these events going on around you, for greater trials and sufferings will come your way, and you must not be like the foolish man that is caught off guard.”

Jan. 5, 2004: “You see, My people, you are living in a world where your freedoms will be stripped away, for the coming of the antichrist is near and so many of you will fall in his trap, for your lives will become so difficult that it will be harder for you to survive. I have warned you not to get caught up in the comforts of the world, for it is those who have simplified that will be able to survive. The antichrist will come and claim he is your true messiah, but you will be tested and fooled just as Adam and Eve were tempted. My people, you must turn to Me, for your strength will only come from your true Father in Heaven.”

March 18, 2004: “My people, I have spoken to you of the coming of the antichrist. You will be grazed and numbered like sheep by the authorities who work for this false messiah. Do not allow yourself to be counted among them, for you are then allowing yourself to fall into this evil trap. It is I, Jesus, who is your true Messiah, and I do not number My sheep because your shepherd knows you each by name.* My people, do not allow yourself to lose focus on the cross and become distracted for it is by your distractions that you will be caught off guard. These evil souls that linger to come and strip you of your faith, of anything that shows that you choose to serve your true Messiah, will test you and persecute you and some will even be martyred for their willingness to speak the truth, speak My words. This antichrist will come and try to destroy anything that is of Me. He will show you his powers with false miracles; My people do not be deceived, for he will soon show you his true identity. I have spoken to you of remaining in silent prayer, because as these times continue to unfold, you will be filled with continuous doubt and confusion and it will only be by My grace that you will be able to stay focused and know that the true path is the path to Heaven.”

May 14, 2004: “You have tried to simplify your lives with your latest means of communication, yet I warn you to be on guard, for these latest tracking devices will soon track your movement, for you will become like numbered sheep to the authorities of this false messiah, this antichrist. The battle has begun to escalate and you will not be spared, for the more you strive for holiness the greater the fight, for Satan seeks your soul. Do not lose hope or become discouraged for I will never abandon My people.”

Dec. 31, 2004: “My people, I warn you that while you are being plagued with great temptation you will see the rise of the antichrist. It will be in the midst of disease, famine, war and destruction that you will see the greatest temptation for, as I have told you, your lives will become simplified. Each day you are given is a day of preparation. My words do not come for you to ignore, rather they are to take heed to. Do not become like your foolish brothers and sisters who will be caught off guard.” (End of quotes.)

It is said that some people would blame God for the coming chastisements. Our Lord Jesus Himself gave clarification on such attitudes, as recorded by mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961) who, by Divine Grace, was literally brought back in time to witness and put on handwritten record many episodes in the life of the Holy Family.

Valtorta quoted Jesus in a conversation with a follower as having said:

“There is a salvation of the soul and a salvation of the body. Who pronounces the Name of Jesus with true faith is freed from disease and sin, because in every spiritual or physical disease there is the claw of Satan who creates physical diseases to drive people to rebellion and desperation through the pains of the flesh, and he creates moral or spiritual diseases to lead souls to damnation....

“Through him (Satan) disease and death entered the world. And crime and corruption also entered the world through him. When you see anyone tortured by misfortune, you can be sure that he suffers on account of Satan. When you see one who is the cause of misfortune, you may conclude that he is an instrument of Satan....

“Illness is a disorder in the order. Because God created man wholesome and perfect. The disorder caused by Satan in the order given by God, has brought with it the illness of the flesh and its consequences, that is, death or sorrowful heredity. Man inherited from Adam and Eve the original sin. But not only that. And the stain has expanded wider and wider embracing the three branches of man : the flesh more and more vicious and consequently weak and diseased, the morals prouder and prouder and thus corrupted, the spirit more and more skeptical and thus more and more idolatrous. That is why it is necessary, as I did with the poor halfwit, to teach the Name that puts Satan to flight, engraving It on minds and hearts, placing It on one's ego as a seal of ownership.”



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