Cervantes: Jesus last New Year’s day: 'My time is near, enter the Ark of the Covenant'

SEWING together the prophecies of reputable Catholic mystics in recent years, I see a 2022 tapestry that will be most trying. It’s a year that will see the unfolding of “secrets” entrusted to some visionaries, including those which, however, were explicitly disclosed to other mystics.

Many have opened themselves to Catholic mystics some of whose prophecies are without doubt to happen in our days through unprecedented tribulations and then, as the Blessed Mother had promised in her Fatima apparitions in 1917, the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

Alas, the mystics themselves are also telling us now that not enough conversions have been made to ease if not cancel the tribulations. And so the trials, the chastisement warned by Heaven through them are afoot, the worsening sins of mankind widening the berth for Satan and his minions to unleash their fury and toy with human affairs and even the courses of the material universe.

The words of the mystics (many already shared in this column) weave time frames that hint on here, now. Specifically, starting in the yearend of 2021, which would make this year one of the unraveling of dire prophecies that could last even beyond 2022.

The messages from Heaven, however, are never short of admonitions for us to weather trials to come.

Way back in 1985 in the now famous apparitions of the Blessed Mother in Medjugorje, she said:

“Today, I call you to place more blessed objects in your homes and that everyone put some blessed objects on their person....”

She also said: “...I call you especially now to advance against Satan by means of prayer. Satan wants to work still more now that you know he is at work. Dear children, put on the armor for battle and with the Rosary in your hand defeat him! Thank you for having responded to my call.”

In an interview with a priest, Medjugorje visionary Mirjana provided more information on protection in times of evil, as follows:

Question: How do we protect people from the influence of the devil?

Mirjana: The Madonna said we need communal prayer, family prayer. She stressed the need for family prayer most of all. Also, every family should have at least one sacred object in the house, and houses should be blessed regularly.

Question: Did you ask about the conditions for a person to enter Heaven?

Mirjana Dragicevic: No I didn’t; but, we can probably say what they are. God is not looking for great believers but simply for those who respect their faith and live peacefully, without malice, meanness, falsehood.

Question: This is your interpretation, your understanding?

Mirjana: Yes. After I talked to the Madonna, I came to that conclusion; No one has to do great miracles or do great penance; merely live a simple, peaceful life.

Now to continue with mystic Maria Valtorta, she whose work published in a book titled Poem of the Man-God St. Padre Pio had endorsed. I am sharing the following message to stress how our sins bring tribulations upon us. On June 12, 1953, the Holy Spirit told Valtorta:

“On this same feast (of the Sacred Heart) three years ago, when the war in Korea was about to break out, I already said how strongly disturbed and troubled is the Divine Justice toward all of Humanity for its way of acting. And I announced to you [Maria], that because of this, terrible chastisements would have descended upon the Earth. The facts: floods, cyclones [hurricanes], earthquakes with victims and disasters everywhere, have confirmed My statement. But today I repeat to you that Divine Justice is at the limit of its tolerance.

“Do not blame what is happening on anything else but the piling up of sins of every kind being committed always more on Earth. [They are] horrible sins against the Faith, the Church, good morals; unnamable vices -- compared to which adultery is still a small thing; hatred and desire of death against the Church and the Priesthood; crimes, sacrileges in actions and words -- and I could continue endlessly. These things -- and nothing else -- are the cause of the misfortunes that have happened until now, and also of future [misfortunes], always more grievous, which will befall the Earth and Humanity because of the always more grievous faults committed.

“From all, the Most Good draws good things. It is only necessary that man, with his good will, should know how to draw his good from all that God does. How? By not rebelling, and by not estranging himself from his Heavenly Father, if His hand is heavy and His chalice bitter.

You are sinners. All of you. Even the best are imperfect. Jesus was innocent, holy, perfect. And yet the Father loaded upon Him the whole weight of the faults of men, so that it consumed Him on Golgotha. And He presented to Jesus the bitterest chalice -- more bitter than the bitterness of all that is disgusting: from the abandonment of His Father, to the suffering of His Mother; from the betrayal of a friend and apostle, to the cowardice of the other apostles; and from the denial of His Cephas, to the ingratitude of the people. Among men, no one has borne nor will bear the burden, nor will drink the chalice which crushed and embittered the Christ: the Innocent.

“Hence, know how to imitate Him -- in His perfect good will, and in His most holy obedience -- in order to draw your good from all that God permits to befall you, to test you and to reward you.” (End of quote.)

Last New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, Our Lord Jesus had another message through mystic Gisella Cardia, thus:

“My daughter, in these times you have seen despair, death and slander around you; perhaps you have thought that you have been abandoned by Me? You are constantly ready to complain, yet I have consoled you many times and you have never noticed this; and not only have I given you important teachings, but you have not paid attention to these either. My children, brothers and sisters, God is waiting for you in love and joy. I have separated you in order to help you reflect; I have tested you every holy day and you have not always reflected.

“How much peace and joy I would like to give to these often hardened hearts. I would like you to reflect, but how many times have I asked for your hands in order to lead you towards calm waters and, instead, you have preferred the storm — believing that you are capable of solving everything without My help. But remember that I alone am the Way, the Truth and the Life and I alone can help you — if only you would really entrust yourselves to Me.

“It is I alone who can hold your hands when you ask Me for help with all your heart; and again, it is I who can give you the consolation that you deserve when you feel alone. My children, My time is near: enter the Ark of the Covenant, of peace, love and fraternity. Only thus will you be able to overcome the Storm that is coming. I have taught you many things during this period, and perhaps by calmly rereading My words, you will be able to understand My Will. I want to see you all enter My Kingdom.

“Now, I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Always be ready to fight together with Me, My Angels, My Archangels and My Blessed Mother, and we will succeed in defeating absolute evil and opening the doors to infinite good.”

(Note from Ding: In the Litany recited at the end of the rosary, the Blessed Mother is intoned as the Ark of the Covenant.)


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