Cervantes: Specific messages from Jesus, Mary on what is to come

WHY have I been persistent writing about apocalyptic-sounding messages? Because the messages are from Heaven, mostly from the Blessed Virgin Mary. While no one is under obligation to believe private revelations (which are my main, if not only sources), how could one ignore the Seat of Wisdom, the Mother of God Himself?

It’s a persistence that started decades ago when I first encountered publications on Marian apparitions. Even then I had been living wretchedly inconsistent with what I had been writing, until finally, with the crescendo of the apocalypse rising, I came to terms with my religion and donned the armor of full celibacy even as the pandemic overwhelmed and the world started to ignite with heavier end-times tint, confirming with more specificity the messages I have been spreading for a long, long time.

And so I go on, this time sharing excerpts of messages conveyed to mystics, telling us that while the pandemic itself is trying, we are yet headed to a historic maelstrom.

Here are excerpts of messages conveyed to mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla:

From Our Lord Jesus Christ on May 22, 2021: “The son of perdition is holding power on Earth through his elite, waiting to appear in front My People, even if My People do not want it. He will invade the minds of all by means of his global presentation at the same time throughout the Earth.

“My children, disease is continuing; famine will come sooner than you think; [7] the reduction of the world’s population has begun with the present disease, and they will continue with this demonic plan. You need to convert now before the next event arrives without My children deciding to make true changes.”

The Blessed Mother on June 25, 2021: “Pray, my children: the Church of my Son is suffering -- it is shaking. Pray, my children: the earth will continue to shake forcefully with force, more than man expects. Pray, my children: aggression between countries will lead them into greater conflicts. Pray, my children, pray: the elements will show their power and humanity will be afraid.”

St. Michael the Archangel on May 27, 2021: “The Church of Christ will be left desolate and humanity will suffer the indescribable. The power of the beast will dwell in some current Sanctuaries; the sacrilege will be total; the children of God will return to the catacombs; desolation is coming at the center of Christendom; images will be exchanged for idols and the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ hidden.”

Also St. Michael the Archangel on June 5, 2021: “The presence of the Devil is taking hold on Earth, continuously spreading pain. Humanity is going from suffering to suffering, and so it will continue until it kneels and duly obeys the Teachings of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ. The Earth, contaminated by sin, is being purified. The whole Earth is being purified.”

More such messages were conveyed to mystic Pedro Regis.

Our Blessed Mother told Pedro on June 30, 2021: “Enemies will act to lead you along easy paths, but do not forget: the way to Heaven passes through the Cross. Turn away from the easy solutions offered by false shepherds.

Also from the Blessed Mother on June 26, 2021: “Humanity is heading towards the abyss of self-destruction that men have prepared with their own hands. Be attentive. Bend your knees in prayer, for only thus can you bear the weight of the trials to come. You are living in a time worse than the Time of the Flood, and the moment has arrived for your sincere and courageous ‘Yes’. My Jesus awaits you with open arms. Do not retreat. You will yet have long years of hard trials.”

On June 5, 2021: “Difficult days will come and many will drink the bitter cup of pain. You will be persecuted for your faith, but do not retreat. I love you and will always be by your side.”

Also to Gisella Cardia were told messages warning of hard times ahead.

Our Lord Jesus told Gisella on May 25, 2021: “Famine and other worse viruses will come... but if you do not trust Me, and if you do not take the hands of My Most Holy Mother, where will you go on your own? Everything has been revealed to you, but you are blind and deaf. A strong wind will sweep [away] this virus; I ask you to pray for Divine Mercy.”

Our Blessed Mother also to Gisella on June 8, 2021: “I would like all my favored children to be able to stand close in order to help one another for when the time comes, and I want to bring you together in order to fight the final battle.”

On June 29, 2021: “My beloved children, the demons are darkening the skies in order to darken your minds. Children, the times are ready for the realization of the prophecies that have been revealed over these years. Children, pray for the Church, because stunning news will soon be revealed; my beloved Church is in total confusion. Pray, my children, because soon the world will be very strongly shaken.”

Then on June 26, 2021: “My dear children, never fear, this is the time when many diseases will come, but it is also the time where Jesus will protect you.”

Also to Gisella on June 3, 2021: “My children, now persecution is underway, but you do not have to be afraid if you are in Christ, because you will lack nothing. The arrival of famine will be felt, yet whoever is with Jesus should remain calm.”

These are frightening messages. But, as I have always reminded readers, we are not left without counsel.

Take what our Blessed Mother told mystic Angela of Zaro on June 26, 2021: “Little children, I have been among you for a long time; I have taught you to pray, but above all I have insistently asked you to trust. Hold the holy rosary tightly in your hands (showing the rosary she had in her right hand): this is your weapon against evil. Prayer is a very strong weapon together with the Sacraments. Feed on my Son Jesus every day; please do not be caught unprepared. Hard times await you and if you are not strong in faith, you will easily fall.”

Yes, there are words to encourage us through tribulations.

St. Michael told Luz de Maria on June 5, 2021: “This is not the time for entertainment; this is the time for contemplation. Not everything is pain or sorrow. Peace will arrive afterwards: you will experience Heaven in advance. Continue to grow in Faith, persist in continual conversion. Be messengers of peace.”

Then the Blessed Mother told Valeria Copponi on June 30, 2021: “My little children, continue on the way that Jesus pointed out to you through his Crucifixion; you will overcome all the obstacles that will appear before you in the days to come, so that you may gain eternal joy.”

Also to Martin Gavenda on April 15, 2021, our Blessed Mother said: “Do not be afraid, children! When the liberal spirit appears in all its abomination, with Divine permission for every blasphemy against God, I will descend as the Woman of living faith, mediatrix and advocate, and with my heel I will crush the head of that proud serpent.”


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