Cervantes: St. Padre Pio on whether to read Valtorta: 'I don’t advise you to- I order you'

BOTH Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, in their modern-day apparitions, had affirmed the authenticity of the writings of mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961).

If for whatever reason this information is inadequate, here are more testimonies and testimonials zeroing in on the volumes handwritten by Valtorta and compiled into a book titled Poem of the Man-God.

Let me quote St. Padre Pio in answer to spiritual daughter Elisa Lucchi in 1967 after she asked him during Confession whether she should read Valtorta: The padre replied: “I don’t advise you to – I order you!”

From Valtorta’s contemporary and virtual assistant Blessed Gabriel Allegra, OFM, the only beatified scholar of the 20th century: “I assure you that the Poem of the Man-God immensely surpasses whatever descriptions — I do not say of mine, because I do not know how to write — but of any other writer... It is a work which makes one grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus and of His Holy Mother... I hold that the work demands a supernatural origin.”

Pope Pius XII on Feb. 26, 1948 after reading Valtorta’s work: “Publish it just as it is. There is no need to give an opinion as to whether it is of supernatural origin. Those who read it will understand.”

Fr. Gabriel Roschini, OSM, world-renowned Mariologist, renowned professor at the Marianum Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Rome, Consultor of the Holy Office, author of over 130 orthodox books about the Blessed Mother: “Maria Valtorta is one of the eighteen greatest mystics of all time.”

And so let me borrow from Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God, by quoting some of her very important direct quotes from our Lord Jesus. These quotes I find most relevant to our apocalyptic times.

On October 19, 1943, Our Lord told her:

"Flee the distractions of the earth, isolated with Me. When one is going to enter a strange land to dwell there, its language is learned in order that one be not incapable of living there; at least one seeks to grasp the first rudiments of that language, and imprudent is he who goes [there] without learning even a word of it. He will have much toil the first time [there].

“In the eternal dwelling, Wisdom makes you learned in the first moment, it is true. But see, My soul, the last times of the earth are preparations for Heaven. When My Goodness gives all the signals and all the time for preparing oneself for Life, when not only through the work of My Mercy, but through that even of human will, there is given a means of providing for the last arrangements for your coming to that Life, then blessed is he who prepares himself there with care — which is never excessive.

“If you took this care, all of you whom age or a long sickness, or the ruthless contingency of war, place in the almost certain lot of dying, there would not be for you so many painful stops in Purgatory. You would complete your metamorphosis in Me with love for Me, with a true repentance for having grieved Me, with true generosity, with true resignation, with all the virtues practiced with good will, and you would not have to complete such work which makes of a man, a dough kneaded of flesh and blood in which the spirit has reigned little — which makes of him a spirit that has known the true Truth: that is, that God is the only Thing that merits all the movements of one's being."

On October 11, 1944, Our Lord also told Valtorta:

"...[If you are all suffering], do you believe you have not deserved to suffer this from which you now suffer? Would you perhaps be perfect monsters of pride, so perfect as to proclaim yourselves without faults to expiate?

“Look within you, at your past.... Oh! no one is without faults to expiate. Well, then, if I am pleased with the chastisement which I wanted to give you here, on earth, and which is a chastisement of love, because I do not want to punish you There where the chastisement is measured in centuries or an eternity, while here it is ever [but] a crumb of time, months or years as they may be — why do you immediately want to reactivate My strictness by disobeying and showing Me a heart angered by impatience?

“Make God your Friend, and God will be with you against the enemies — which are the things of life: the consequences of the tragedy provoked by you through [your] culpable fickleness, in leaving Satan and his lesser satans free to torture the human race.

“But if, with the ancient pride of the human race, you want to do what you please, deaf to the Heavenly voices which want your good, if you want to do it, deaf to the voices of charity and moved by the thought of egoism which I abhor, then lo, I say to all of you: 'Do it. But you will not avoid that which, by submitting to Me, you would have avoided. And then it will be useless to call on God.'" (End of quote)

The Holy Spirit, Whom we seldom hear about and from, also had a message to Valtorta on June 12, 1953. The message:

“On this same feast (of the Sacred Heart) three years ago, when the war in Korea was about to break out, I already said how strongly disturbed and troubled is the Divine Justice toward all of Humanity for its way of acting. And I announced to you [Maria], that because of this, terrible chastisements would have descended upon the Earth. The facts: floods, cyclones [hurricanes], earthquakes with victims and disasters everywhere, have confirmed My statement. But today I repeat to you that Divine Justice is at the limit of its tolerance.

“Do not blame what is happening on anything else but the piling up of sins of every kind being committed always more on Earth. [They are] horrible sins against the Faith, the Church, good morals; unnamable vices -- compared to which adultery is still a small thing; hatred and desire of death against the Church and the Priesthood; crimes, sacrileges in actions and words -- and I could continue endlessly. These things—and nothing else -- are the cause of the misfortunes that have happened until now, and also of future [misfortunes], always more grievous, which will befall the Earth and Humanity because of the always more grievous faults committed.

“From all, the Most Good draws good things. It is only necessary that man, with his good will, should know how to draw his good from all that God does. How? By not rebelling, and by not estranging himself from his Heavenly Father, if His hand is heavy and His chalice bitter.

“You are sinners. All of you. Even the best are imperfect. Jesus was innocent, holy, perfect. And yet the Father loaded upon Him the whole weight of the faults of men, so that it consumed Him on Golgotha. And He presented to Jesus the bitterest chalice—more bitter than the bitterness of all that is disgusting: from the abandonment of His Father, to the suffering of His Mother; from the betrayal of a friend and apostle, to the cowardice of the other apostles; and from the denial of His Cephas, to the ingratitude of the people. Among men, no one has borne nor will bear the burden, nor will drink the chalice which crushed and embittered the Christ: the Innocent.

“Hence, know how to imitate Him -- in His perfect good will, and in His most holy obedience -- in order to draw your good from all that God permits to befall you, to test you and to reward you.” (More from the Poem of the Man-God in the next columns)


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