De Leon: #MillennialNewYearResolutions, Yours truly – Baby Boomers

GENERATION Y had, in one way or another been dealt a raw deal for the past years.

In the ‘W’ section, we have way better technology, greater access to information, video games, entertainment and people around the world thanks to social media and the internet.

In the ‘L’ section, many of us are economically disadvantaged if weighed against our predecessors and challenged to be promoted on top of the career ladder because we are jump shipping from one work to another.

It’s a mixed bag, so to speak.

2019 is part of the past. Mabuhay 2020!

But consequently, older people have been tweeting their #MillennialNewYearResolutions, and some of them are bit hilarious. Oh I love a good baby boomer drag!

Here are some of my favorites. Try not to take them on the chin and swear on your avocados to keep a few of them:

1. “Only go to work on odd numbered days because they can’t even.”

2. “I will continue to save my parents from suffering the pain of empty nest syndrome. You’re welcome ma and pa”

3. “Looking up from my phone 30 seconds every day.”

4. “To only say ‘fam’ to actual family.”

5. “Read a real book, from beginning to end. (In that order, ok?)

Then, a fellow millennial came back swinging to burn them all: “Baby boomers are making more than a million per year and they already know how to tweet. Wow! But still don’t know how to rotate a PDF. “

That’s all for now! Happy New Year!

Stay active until our next chat!


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