Guiao: PSAU 8th Charter Anniversary

The Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU) celebrated its 8th Charter Anniversary with the first-ever PSAU Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony, held on January 23, 2023, at the Rafael Lazatin Memorial Audio-Visual Center.

The event which was organized by the Office of Alumni Relations for Development, aimed to recognize and honor the achievements and contributions of PSAU alumni, aligning with the theme of the 8th Charter Anniversary, "Pamanyulung PSAU Honoring Traditions, Transcending Boundaries." The celebration ran from January 13, 23-26, 2023.

The theme "Pamanyulung PSAU: Honoring Traditions, Transcending Boundaries " emphasized the importance of honoring the university's traditions while also pushing for progress and innovation.

The 2023 distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony played a significant role in this theme, as it showcased the ways in which the university's alumni have honored their alma mater's traditions while also making their own impact in their respective fields and communities.

The ceremony, entitled "Pamanuli: A Homage to PSAU Alumni" (Pamanuli is a Kapampangan word for "returning home'), featured 34 awardees, including Mr. Teresito Balatbat and yours truly former 3 Termer Mayor Pastor Z. Guiao, both among the early high school graduates, Class of 1960.

The ceremony recognized and awarded PSAU alumni from six colleges of the university — College of arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Agriculture Systems and Technology (CASTech), College of Hospitality Entrepreneurship and Food Sciences (CHEFS), College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), College of Engineering and Computer Studies (CoECS) and College of Education (CoEd) — with the goal of strengthening the alumni community and promoting the continuous development of PSAU.

Dr. Anita David, PSAU-Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivered a message during the ceremony, stating, "We cannot erase history that PSAU is a part of our lives and who we are now. We know that, in your own way, you are also paying back the very institution that is part of who you are now."

Following her, Dr. Lyndon Solis, the OIC-President of the university, also gave a message, expressing that the alumni are the true inspiration of PSAU.

The ceremony also honored the traditions of the university and celebrated how these alumni have transcended boundaries in their personal and professional lives. The names of the 34 awardees for each program were listed on the page.

The event ended with Dr. Minnie Liangco, director of Alumni Relations for Development, expressing her gratitude and final message, "Let us always remember that we are all CUTE, an acronym which means Culture of Unity and Teamwork for Excellence." She also announced the Alumni General Assembly and the election of new officials for the Alumni Federation, which was held on January 28, 2023.

The ceremony was led by Ms. Chonnie Cholla David as the master of ceremonies, assisted by Dr. Gerald M. Salas.

It was a successful event that brought together PSAU alumni, faculty, staff and students to celebrate the university's traditions and the achievements of its alumni. The PSAU Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony served as a fitting tribute to the university's 8th Charter Anniversary, highlighting the important role that alumni play in the ongoing development and success of PSAU.


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