Limlingan: Road observations

As a daily man-on-the-road guy who experiences traffic jams day-to-day, we can observe the great number of motorcycles now plying our roads, outnumbering the number of four-wheeled vehicles in the country today.

As per information from the Land Transportation Office (LTO), there more than 7.3 million motorcycles now registered with the said agency while cars and other motor vehicles count to around 4.3 million. The figures do not include the unregistered ones but still being used on the road.

In a recent congressional hearing, the LTO accounts motorcycling as the 9th leading cause of death in the country. The ranking is quite alarming as accident victims die senseless deaths. While their deaths are due to accidents, the same could have been somehow avoided if proper riding safety measures and adherence to traffic rules have been conscientiously observed.

Some motorcyclists recklessly drive their metal horses, making sudden turns and banking dangerously on curved roads. Some overtake other vehicles on either sides of the road, using the shoulder sometimes.

Motorcycles have become the ubiquitous mode of transportation now. We can see them every street corners which come in different sizes and looks. However, many accidents were noted due perhaps to their number.

Perhaps one reason why the growing number of motorcycle these days, is the ease in purchasing a brand new unit. One can take home a motorcycle for as low as P3,000.00 and in monthly installment payments. Since they can be easily purchased, those who need any practical and economical transport service prefers buying motorcycles for their personal daily use.

Riding motorcycles is safe per se. There are however motorists who drive in a reckless manner that results into accidents.


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