Pangan: Political revenge

WE have a parallel in politics with the United States of America.

As we have observed several times, there are sore losers too, candidates who turn out bitter after the elections and refuse to accept the decision proclaiming the winners.

One such big sore loser is Donald J. Trump, that flamboyant and arrogant rich candidate from Mar-a-Lago, Florida. He even attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 elections, particularly in the state of Georgia and tried to coerce the state election officials to declare there was election fraud and decide in his favor. He cried that the election was stolen in favor of the eventual winner Joe Biden. He never conceded to Biden.

This scenario smacks well of Philippine politics. Here, we do not have election losers. They claim there was massive fraud and cheating and never accepted graciously the defeat. Such is the sorry state of Philippine politics!

Now that the Republicans have gained control of the House of Representatives, they are now posturing to file successive lawsuits, zeroing on the President’s son, Hunter Biden and a prominent Republican senator pledged to carry on an onslaught of investigations and lawsuits against Biden and the Democrats.

Such is the sorry state of the US politics!

Political revenge is exacted on former winners as the new leaders on their new elected posts.

Of course, the winners take on juicy chairmanships of committees which provide more perks, benefits and privileges. To the victors belong the choice posts, not only the spoils. And the losers get the usual crumbs.

Now, the arrogant former president Trump is posturing to run again in 2024.

Will his chances of winning the seat as bright as those in 2020 and the years before?

To be sure, he still has several loyal Republicans backing him up. Do you see the similarities and idiosyncracies between the US and Philippine politics?


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